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Yibaoxin Castle (www.yiBeiic.com) helps China core, SlkorMicro SLKOR brand strongly settled in

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About Yipincheng


  YibeiCity (WWW.YiBEiiC.COM) is affiliated to Shenzhen Xinjiasheng Industry and Trade Co., Ltd. and was established in 2013. It has developed from a physical store to an online operation on the Internet, and has 12 years of experience in integrated chip supply services. The platform was launched in 2016. The main features of the mall platform are: online fast transaction order allocation + offline physical supply and delivery. The vertical development concept of the best of both worlds is a professional e-commerce platform + physical store enterprise for domestic electronic components. The future development and model of Yipei Core City are mainly based on (one-stop purchase and distribution order, platform consignment and idle inventory processing, to achieve win-win resource sharing, as well as electronic engineer exchange community, hardware development and support and other interactive service platforms). In the era of rapid development of technology and Internet, we provide everyone with a platform for accurate big data matching.







General Manager Guo Jiahong of Yipin City visits General Manager Song Shiqiang of Sacco Micro Semiconductor






萨科微slkor总经理 宋仕强先生 

Mr. Song Shiqiang, General Manager of slkor

The public account of "Silicon Carbide Expert" operated by Sacco Micro Semiconductor vigorously promotes the popularization of silicon carbide, popularization of silicon carbide, good silicon carbide technology and products, and cheers for the development of my country's third-generation semiconductor industry. a force. Mr. Song Shiqiang not only regarded the third-generation semiconductor silicon carbide as a business, but regarded it as a lifelong career.


Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

 SlkorMicro Semiconductor (www.slkormicro.com) Co., Ltd. is exclusively invested by Mr. Song Shiqiang and is an affiliated enterprise of Shenzhen Jinhangbiao Electronics Co., Ltd. The "SLKOR" brand of Sac Micro was founded in 2005, specializing in the design, production and sales of power devices such as MOS tube field effect transistors. Slkor's technical team comes from Infineon, Mitsubishi, IR, TI Texas Instruments, ON Semiconductor and other leading technology companies in the industry, mainly producing MOS field effect transistors, COOLMOS, power management IC, FRD, Hall components, SCR, IGBT Single tube, SiC silicon carbide components, etc. In 2010, it began to develop and produce the third-generation semiconductor silicon carbide SiC components, and its design, process and performance rank among the top in the world.




slkor semiconductor products settled on the page of Yipin City


Slkor's silicon carbide SiC devices are mainly used in the energy Internet field. The application industries include charging piles, new energy vehicles, clean energy power generation, high-power switching power supplies and uninterruptible power supplies. They also have certain applications in the military and aerospace fields. SLKOR brand MOS field effect tube tvs tube esd, etc. are widely used in lithium battery protection boards, intelligent sweeping robots, TWS Bluetooth headsets, electronic cigarettes, high-power outdoor lighting and other industries.



slkor part of the qualifications and honors

slkor provides customers with SiC effect field transistor MOS tube, LDO power management IC, AC/DC, silicon carbide MOS tube, IGBT, thyristor, ESD diode, TVS diode, Hall element, Schottky diode, triode , The third-generation semiconductor silicon carbide SBD tube and other products.



slkor third generation semiconductor silicon carbide mos tube igbt tube products

slkor's newly developed products, hall switch sensors and other electronic components, are widely used in TWS Bluetooth headsets, laptop computers, electronic toys and other markets. Base diodes, etc. are also very good in the market.



slkor's hall sensor and other products

Slkor's mos tube field effect tube Hall elements, power devices and other products are connected with the kinghelm brand KH series SMA terminal connectors, SMA, SMB, IPEX socket connectors, and microwave radio frequency antennas of Golden Beacon (www.BDS666.com). Line, TPYE-C data transmission interface connector, female header, pin header sub-connector, 3C digital product HDMI interface, data transmission VGA interface and other products, can provide our customers with supporting electronic components and wired and wireless signal connections service.


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