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Insight: Viewing the Thirty-Six Stratagems through Modern Warfare

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Name: Li Jianhui

Position: Supervisor, Warehousing Department, Kinghelm

Hometown: Hunan

Vision of Struggle: He who does not climb the Great Wall is not a true hero; he who does not break through Loulan will never return. Strive towards my own steadfast life goals!



China, as one of the four ancient civilizations, has a long history and unique contributions in various fields. When it comes to strategy, Chinese people are regarded as second to none. The Thirty-Six Stratagems, whether in political, economic, or other areas, have vivid manifestations, especially evident in modern warfare.


The First Stratagem - "Deceive the heavens to cross the sea": In 1950, China made the decision to enter the Korean War. The slogan "Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea" resounded throughout the country. However, the Chinese People's Volunteers implemented strict secrecy measures, eliminating any traces that could expose their identities prior to entering Korea. The leadership emphasized the principle of "keeping secrets while not publicizing," and the volunteers exploited the vulnerability of American reconnaissance planes' night blindness. They operated covertly during the day, disguising themselves at night, avoiding main roads and using smaller paths. As a result, they successfully maneuvered hundreds of thousands of troops into Korean territory without alerting the unsuspecting American forces. This laid a solid foundation for the eventual victory in the Korean War.


Looking back to the events of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, it is striking how history reveals remarkable similarities between these two wars. A fleet comprising six aircraft carriers maintained radio silence as it traveled over 3,000 nautical miles to reach Pearl Harbor. It launched two rounds of airstrikes, dealing a heavy blow to the U.S. Pacific Fleet.


The Second Stratagem - "Besiege Wei to rescue Zhao": As the Israeli-Palestinian conflict rages on, with Israel carrying out inhumane indiscriminate attacks, anger has not only erupted in the Arab world but also sparked international outrage.  Against this backdrop of unequal forces, the Houthi militants have disrupted commercial shipping passing through the Red Sea, hoping to pressure the US, UK, and others to force Israel to withdraw from Gaza. This move can be seen as a vivid example of "Besieging Wei to Rescue Zhao."


The Third Stratagem - "Kill with a borrowed knife" and "Take advantage of the situation": In 2020, the Russia-Ukraine war broke out, and the NATO alliance led by the United States and Western countries attempted to employ a pack wolf strategy, aiming to tear apart the lone polar bear - Russia. Member countries of this alliance provided extensive financial aid to Ukraine, using it as a pawn; they also imposed multiple rounds of sanctions on Russia under the pretext of aggression against sovereign countries, and went as far as seizing over $300 billion of Russian assets held abroad. In doing so, the hegemonic actions of the US and its Western allies are undeniably exposed.


The Fourth Stratagem - "Watch the fires burning across the river": In the Arab world, Israel is considered a common enemy. It is widely known as the United States' loyal follower and a strategic support point for U.S. interests in the Middle East. Israel has been gradually encroaching on the territories of neighboring countries through the use of firepower. However, these countries dare not openly express their anger due to their own interests. Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and other Middle Eastern countries have been reluctant to take any direct action in this current "Israeli-Palestinian conflict," opting instead to sit back and watch the tiger fight from the mountain.


The Fifth Stratagem - "Fish in troubled waters": The Nord Stream pipeline is a cooperative project between Russia and Europe, serving as a typical civilian facility protected by international law. However, when the Russia-Ukraine war broke out, "support Ukraine, sanction Russia" became the political correctness in Europe. The bombing of the Nord Stream pipeline has made both Russia and Europe victims. It's truly a case of "muddled waters and unclear intentions," and the United States has become a skilled player at playing the "scheming apprentice under the master's eye."


The Sixth Stratagem - "Feign madness but keep your balance" and "Disguise your real intentions while feigning madness": In 2001, the United States invaded Afghanistan under the pretext of fighting terrorism. Faced with a formidable opponent, the Taliban swiftly reduced their forces, dispersed, and took refuge in deep mountains and remote areas to engage with the U.S. As a result, they successfully preserved their strength. On August 15, 2021, after regaining their strength, the Taliban launched an offensive and entered Kabul, achieving a significant victory and reclaiming control over the Afghan government. They have truly inherited the essence of our ancestors' teachings!


In such moments, one cannot help but deeply appreciate the vastness and profundity of Chinese culture! It is the responsibility of every individual to love our Chinese nation! Applying ancient wisdom to the present, the utilization of the Thirty-Six Strategies, which emphasizes interconnected strategies within strategies, becomes crucial. If anyone dares to harm our Chinese nation, no matter how far they may be, they shall be punished!


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