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Product features and selection of ESD electrostatic protector

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         ESD electrostatic protector is an overvoltage, anti-static protection component, used to protect sensitive circuits in electronic equipment from the influence of ESD (electrostatic discharge), asThe purpose is to transfer the ESD stress from the sensitive component, so that the current flows through the protective component instead of the sensitive component, while maintaining the low voltage on the sensitive component; ESD staticThe electrical protector should also have low leakage and low capacitance characteristics, which will not reduce the circuit function; will not cause damage to high-speed signals, and will protect against multiple stresses.The function of the protection element will not be reduced.


1. Features of ESD products
  1. Fast response (action) speed (less than 1ns)
  2. Low capacitance value (suitable for high-frequency and high-speed transmission lines)
  3. Small size and diversified packaging (can meet the application requirements of various products)
  4. Low leakage current (less than 1uA)
  5. Ultra-low limiting voltage (clamping voltage)
  6. The voltage value is low (the reverse cut-off voltage is commonly known as the maximum non-operating voltage)

2. ESD product selection
   1. When the ESD electrostatic protector is used, it is connected in parallel on the protected circuit, and it should not have any impact on the work of the circuit under normal circumstances;
   2. Selection of breakdown voltage VBR: The breakdown voltage of the ESD tube should be greater than the highest working voltage Um of the line or the maximum voltage value of the signal level;
   3. Selection of pulse peak current IPP and maximum clamping voltage VC: When using ESD tube, it should be selected according to the maximum surge current that may appear on the line;Select the appropriate model of IPP. It should be noted that the maximum clamping voltage VC at this time should not be greater than the maximum peak voltage that the protected chip can withstand;
    4. When used for signal transmission circuit protection, attention must be paid to the frequency or transmission rate of the transmitted signal. When the signal frequency or transmission rate is high, low-capacitance series tubes should be selected.

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