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SL1603SL Hall Sensor SOT-23 SL1603SL Hall Sensor SOT-23 SL1603SL Hall Sensor SOT-23
SL1603SL Hall Sensor SOT-23
Polarity: Omnipolar
VDD(V): 6V
IDD(μA): 3.3μA
Scanning frequency: 5Hz
Package: SOT-23

Product Details


  • SL1603 is a Honeywell switch sensor with low power consumption, which is specially designed for systems with compact spaces and that with sensitive electric quantity in batteries. 

  • The chip can provide various magnetic field threshold values,switching working frequencies and package forms, so as to adapt to varied types of applications.
    When the applied S-pole or N-pole magnetic induction intensity is higher than the working point Bor, the chip outputs low level and keeps it,until the S-pole or N-pole magnetic induction intensity is lower than the release point Ba, when the chip outputs high level.

  • The chip is installed with a temperature compensation circuit and a clock logic circuit intemally, to ensure stable working point and switching frequency of the chip.The chip can provide omnipolar magnetism response with extremely low current consumption.

  • SL1603 can work during the power supply ranges of 1.6V to 5.5V.with standard SOT-23 package.


  • Low power consumption

  • 5Hzversion: 1.6uA@1.8V

  • 20Hzversion: 3.3uA@1.8V

  • Wide working voltage ranges: 1.6V-5.5V

  • Magnetic field threshold value optional (Bop)

  • 33Gs low threshold value

  • 46Gs high threshold value

  • Omnipolar magnetism inspection

  • CMOS push-pull output

  • Package: SOT-23-3L

  • Working temperature ranges: -40C-85C

  • Excellent ESD performance: HBM 8KV

  • In accordance with the RoHS standard


  • Laptop and tablet PC switch detection

  • TWS headsets and mobile phones

  • Electronic locks and valves position detection

  • Water meters, gas meters and flow meters

  • Non-contact detection


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