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What is the power device for isolation driving IGBT?

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What kind of power device is the isolated IGBT?

How much do you know about isolated drive IGBT power devices? Power devices like IGBT need adequate protection to avoid damage caused by undervoltage, lack of saturation, Miller effect, overload and short circuit. So what kind of power device is the isolated drive IGBT?
  1. What are the fault protection functions? Are they all integrated in isolated drives?All three fault protection functions are integrated into Avago's highly integrated gate driver ACPL-33xJ -UVLO (to avoid turning on IGBT when VCC2 level is insufficient), DESAT (to prevent IGBT overcurrent or short circuit) and Miller clamp (to prevent IGBT false triggering caused by parasitic Miller capacitance).

2. For 30 ~ 75A, 1200V IGBT, ACPL-33x, ACPL-H342, which operate on 600V DC bus, can the gate-driven optocoupler with Miller clamp protection be driven with high reliability only by a single power supply, and will its reliability be higher or worse than that of traditional positive and negative power supplies? The gate drive optocouplers of AvagoACPL-332J, ACPL-333J and ACPL-H342 can output current of 2.5A .. These products are suitable for driving 1200V, 100A IGBT.

1) When using negative power supply, Miller clamp is not required, but additional cost will be incurred on negative power supply.

2) If only a single power supply can be used, the designer can use the built-in active Miller clamp circuit.The two solutions are equally reliable. When not in use, the Miller clamp pin needs to be connected to VEE.

3. Photovoltaic inverter needs to be installed in the power plant, and its ambient temperature is rather bad. What is the working environment temperature range of optocoupler?The working temperature range is very wide, up to -40 to 105. This temperature range is sufficient for industrial applications. If customers need a higher operating temperature, R2 coupler optocoupler can operate at an extended temperature of 125℃

4. How high is the insulation withstand voltage of optocoupler?

Different gate driven optocouplers have different packages. Each package has its own characteristics, such as different creepage distance and gap, which can be matched with different applications or different working isolation voltages, namely Viorm. The maximum Viorm interval ranges from 566V to 2262V.

5. What is the maximum output current of the optocoupler gate driver?

According to the selected device model, the maximum output current of Avago's optocoupler gate driver can reach 0.4A, 0.6A, 1.0A, 1.5A, 2.5A, 3.0A, 4.0A and 5.0A.

6. How to avoid the Miller effect

One of the problems in IGBT operation is parasitic capacitance caused by Miller effect. This effect is obvious in 0 to 15V type gate drivers (single power drivers). And the coupling between the gate electrode and the gate electrode has the potential danger of parasitic IGBT tunnel pass (gate-collector voltage spike) caused by high dV/dt transient during IGBT turn-off.

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