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The opportunities of the four nitrogen groaning in the new application field!

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In 2021, with the increasing demand for 5G, consumer electronics, industrial energy conversion and new energy vehicles, the demand for base stations, transducers and charging stations will increase substantially, and the demand for gallium nitride and silicon carbide feeders will increase.According to TrendForce Jibang Consulting Research, the market size of GaN power components will reach USD 1.32 billion by 2025, with a compound annual growth rate of 94%. 

Gallium nitride "revolution" under new application!

 Compared with silicon, GaN has wide band gap, high electron saturation rate, high breakdown field and electric field, and lower conduction loss and EMF characteristics. GaN energy is mainly used in consumer products, new energy vehicles, communications and data centers.Under the background of peak carbon dioxide emissions and carbon neutrality, gallium nitride promotes the "revolution" of energy conversion."According to the national power industry statistics in 2020, the national social electricity consumption is as high as 7.5 trillion kWh. Under this huge figure, the efficiency of saving is enormous. From this, we can see that the characteristics of low switching loss and high frequency of GaN will be widely used in smart lighting, electromechanical conversion, data center, intelligent electric and intelligent optical storage. " He Peng, senior manager of Innocenti, said at the 2022 forward-looking analysis meeting of Jibang Consulting Compound Semiconductor.
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led lighting

         In the LED drive power supply, the volume of the heat sink of the magnetic device and power device accounts for more than 1/3 of the total power supply. It is a better way to realize the miniaturization of LED drive and reduce the volume of the magnetic device, thus reducing the volume of the heat sink.

Compared with silicon, gallium nitride has a significant increase in switching speed, a significant decrease in switching loss and a significant increase in efficiency. Generally, the pursuit of small size will sacrifice efficiency, but the application of gallium nitride can ensure that the efficiency can still be very high in the case of small size.

Electromechanical conversion

         The motor drive industry has covered all aspects of our lives, including common electric bicycles and power tools, as well as warehousing robots, outsourcing robots, drones, servos, and the main drive of motors.

Take the drone as an example, if you want to improve the endurance, it means the requirement of high-efficiency conversion; The harsh volume means that the integrated design requires higher power density.

The application of GaN driver is a systematic comprehensive optimization of the motor system, and the control accuracy of the controller will be greatly improved. Due to the reduction of the size of the driver and motor body, the application of GaN is more conducive to the design of the driver and motor body, which will optimize the overall performance and cost of the system.

data centre

         Previously, the European Union issued a mandatory titanium requirement for data center energy efficiency in 2023. The peak efficiency of platinum is increased from 94% to 96% of titanium, which will promote the design of server power supply.

He Peng expects that in the future design of server power supply, the efficiency of integrating data center, the power density of integrating it and the cost reduction will be considered.

electric vehicle

         With the improvement of research and development technology of GaN devices in high voltage field in the future, GaN will be widely used in OBC, BMS and motor drive.

Photovoltaic energy storage

         At present, GaN is mainly used in portable energy storage stations. Using GaN can reduce power consumption, increase power density and reduce cost.

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Four challenges, four opportunities!

At the meeting, He Peng put forward four aspects about the challenges and prospects of gallium nitride devices.

Ron*Area vs price and current capacity

       Compared with silicon devices, GaN devices have certain advantages in Ron Area per unit area, but disadvantages in wafer and current capacity. The solution is to increase the production capacity and reduce the cost of single Die in IDM mode, and to improve the process, increase the yield and reduce the cost of wafer.


        Compared with silicon, the threshold voltage and the maximum voltage of GaN are both low, which means that the sensitivity of GaN driving is higher. There are two solutions. One is to introduce SK pin, which can effectively decouple the drive circuit and the power circuit, and avoid the fault caused by false triggering. Second, from single pipe to sealing, effectively reducing the failure rate.  

And packaging and heat dissipation.

       GaN is mainly packaged in DFN and CSP, and its heat dissipation area is less than that of silicon. We can develop packages with top heat dissipation to increase the heat dissipation area. In addition, the development of packaging forms with better thermal resistance, such as copper clip and FLCSP, will make their thermal resistance smaller.

High withstand voltage and high current applications

         The high voltage of SiC is as high as 1700V, and the highest voltage of GaN is only 650V V. Therefore, it is necessary to improve the technical route and process, so that the high voltage and high current of GaN approach and break through the theoretical limit.In the high-frequency application scenario, GaN direct-drive drivers need low voltage range, low threshold voltage and super-good dead time. Its magnetic material needs to have low magnetic loss, low parasitic parameters and better high-frequency characteristics.

In the design of UHF magnetic parts, there are certain requirements for low AC loss, low parasitic parameters and integrated design. In addition, in the application of high power density, due to the requirement of system heat dissipation and EMI characteristics brought by the increase of system density, higher requirements are put forward, and the design of PCB is also required."The superior switching characteristics make GaN power devices more conducive to energy saving and emission reduction, and the high frequency characteristics of GaN also promote the development of high power density of the system. As a new device, the research and development and application of GaN still have a huge room for improvement and potential." He Peng said.

Domestic gallium nitride is advancing by leaps and bounds!

Founded in 2015, INSEC focuses on the R&D and manufacturing of 8-inch silicon-based GaN devices. Currently, it is based in Zhuhai and Suzhou.

Among them, the production base in Zhuhai already has a monthly production capacity of 4K, and Suzhou now has a production capacity of 6K to 10,000 pieces. In the future, the full production capacity of Suzhou will reach 65K per month.In terms of products, InnoSeco has covered 150/200/260/480mΩ devices in the 650V high-voltage field. At present, there are samples of 80mω devices, and samples will be provided to customers next year.In terms of low voltage, mass production is realized from 100V to 150V, involving laser radar, synchronous rectification and motor drive.Meanwhile, InnoSeco is developing lower voltages, including 30V and 40V, and devices less than 3Mω and 4Mω.Previously, TrendForce Jibang Consulting released the estimated market share of global GaN power manufacturers in 2021. In 2021, the market share of InnoSeco climbed to 20% in one fell swoop, and jumped to the third place in the world, mainly benefiting from the substantial increase in the shipment of its high-voltage and low-voltage GaN products. Among them, fast charging products entered the supply chain of first-line notebook manufacturers for the first time.

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