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The ultimate spoiler! 12 IC giants share the road of "strong core"!

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In 2021, at a time of great changes unseen in a century, the global semiconductor supply has entered a bottleneck period. "China Core" carries more expectations, forging ahead amidst opportunities and challenges, and facing the reality of "stuck neck", it is time for domestic replacement.

On October 28, 2021, Chip Master once again joined hands with the South China Electronics Show in MunichThe 3rd Hardcore China Chip Leaders Summit and 2021 Automotive Chip Technology Innovation and Application Forum will be grandly set sail at Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center; , will be held concurrently"Domestic Core Supply and Demand Matchmaking Conference" .

The 3rd Hardcore China Chip Leaders Summit and 2021 Automotive Chip Technology Innovation and Application Forum will focus on sharing future opportunities and products in the industry with the theme of "New Industry Trends in China's Chip Power" Innovative Technology. The full-day summit will invite 500 core decision makers from electronic manufacturing enterprises such as security, automotive electronics, industrial control, consumer products and communications.

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October 28, 2021 9:00-17:00

Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao'an New Hall) South Ballroom

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Shenzhen Semiconductor Industry Association 


Zhou Shengming

《Industry New Trends Down, How Do Domestic Chip Forces Move With The Times》

  Speech spoilers:  
  Since 2020, global semiconductor chip companies have experienced shortages and price increases. Under the influence of the spread of the new crown epidemic and many natural disasters in Europe and the United States, many fabs around the world have temporarily stopped production and production, supply and demand. Unbalanced, "lack of core" is becoming more and more serious. Under such market conditions, some domestic semiconductor companies got admission tickets and entered the new supply chain. Under the new opportunities, the domestic semiconductor industry may be able to take a step forward! How can domestic core companies that have accumulated a lot of time make full use of the opportunities brought by shortages? How should China's semiconductor industry continue to move forward?


Dongxin Semiconductor Corporation 

Deputy General Manager

Chen Lei

"Forge ahead with one heart and take the road of creating "core" for local storage"

Spoilers for the speech:

The continuous development of emerging fields has brought greater market demand to memory chips, which assist their rapid development. As a local fabless chip company, Dongxin Semiconductor focuses on the design, production and sales of small and medium-capacity NAND, NOR, and DRAM memory chips.

Dongxin Semiconductor is committed to providing efficient and reliable solutions for the ever-growing storage needs, steadily walking on the road of creating a "core" for local storage, continuously improving the process and improving product reliability, and various series of products are widely used in 5G Communication, Internet of Things terminals, consumer electronics, industrial control and other fields. Taking Dongxin NAND as an example, Dongxin focuses on the design and development of planar SLC NAND Flash. The storage capacity of the product covers 1Gb to 8Gb, and the SPI or PPI type interface can be flexibly selected. With two voltages of 3.3V/1.8V, it can satisfy customers To meet the needs of different application fields and application scenarios, SPI NAND Flash Dongxin adopts the industry-leading single-chip integration technology to integrate the storage array, ECC module and interface module into the same chip. At the same time, the reliability of PPI NAND Flash products reaches 105 ℃ industrial Plus level.


Reineng Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd.  

Director of Global Marketing

Xie Feng

"Reliable and efficient innovation to build China's power core"

Spoilers for the speech:

Power semiconductors are the basic components of power electronic applications, because they play the core role of power conversion and control. How to reduce losses during the conversion process and improve the reliability of long-term harsh environments are the pursuit of industry practitioners. Target. Ruineng Semiconductor has always taken the creation of efficient and reliable products as the direction of its R&D innovation, so that customers can get the best experience in the application.


Jiangsu Diao Microelectronics Co., Ltd.  

Vice President of Marketing  

Lu Huifeng 

"Strategy of Diversified Analog Cores, Helping Domestic Substitutes in Various Ways"

Spoilers for the speech:

Starting from the overall market capacity of analog chips and the current pattern of analog chips, from the trend of domestic substitution to the emergence of Dio Microelectronics, with more than ten years of development, Dio Microelectronics is moving towards the established goal. "Continued focus on the direction of deep cultivation; adhere to the localization alternative route, diversified diffusion in product layout - strong flagship products in the two analog fields of signal chain and power management, product layout, product line advantages and products in the RF field. The new layout also includes diversified strategic development in terms of customer groups, market coverage and industrial chain.


Fangcun Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Product Director

Zhang Liwei

"Fangcun security "core", multi-dimensional protection of information security"

About Fangcun Microelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.:

Fangcun Microelectronics is committed to the research and development, design and production of domestic high-end cryptographic processors, high-performance network security chips, and high-speed interface control chips. Safe escort.

The company's self-developed Xnsafety system-level security chip architecture is a combination of multiple dimensions such as the underlying hardware password protection (HSM) + application layer trusted execution environment (TEE) + red and black isolation, combined with the RISC-V instruction set, integrated with secure boot , application TEE, DMA TEE and HSM, build a trusted execution environment of RISC-V SoC, which ensures the credibility of computing, I/O credibility and data security.


Rong Pai Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

Vice President 

Hu Yongjun

"Original Intellectual Property Leads the Wave of Technological Innovation and Promotes the Upgrade of the New Energy Vehicle Industry"

About Rong Pai Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.:

Rong Pai Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a domestic supplier dedicated to building the world's leading high-performance analog integrated circuits. The products that have been listed are digital isolators π1xxx & π2xxx series products. The comprehensive performance of this series of products is far It is several times better than products of the same level on the market, which fills the product gap in the field of digital isolator chips in China and greatly expands the application scope of the isolator.

The company will focus on the R&D and sales of isolator series (standard digital isolator, isolated transceiver, isolated driver and isolated voltage source) and current sensor series products. At present, the company has applied for 21 global invention patents in the field of isolation.


Beijing Yixin Technology Co., Ltd.

Vice President of Chip Design Zhu Xutao

"High-performance domestic main control chip, enabling big data applications"

About Beijing Yixin Technology Co., Ltd.:

Beijing Yixin Technology Co., Ltd. was established at the end of 2015. As an early domestic enterprise dedicated to the research and development of high-performance SSD main control chips, it is committed to becoming a global leader in chips that enable big data applications. The core members have many years of R&D experience and a number of R&D achievements, and have rich experience in many aspects from underlying algorithms to chip design to solution design. The business direction covers consumer-level and enterprise-level, main control chips and solutions.

Yixin Technology has always adhered to independent research and development, and has more than 200 independent intellectual property rights for R&D chip products. The innovative processor architecture was introduced into the storage field for the first time; it has successfully completed 3 high-end consumer-level entry-level enterprise-level SSD master controllers coreChip-to-chip, the developed high-performance and low-power NVMe SSD master controller has been mass-produced and shipped. After nearly 6 years of development, the company has grown into a leading supplier of high-end PCIe SSD main control chips and finished disks in China, providing high-quality chip-level underlying guarantees for the informatization development of various industries.


Guangdong New Energy Automobile Industry Association


Zhou Fatao    

Thinking about the development of my country's new energy vehicle industry and the road to "strong core"

Spoilers for the speech:

The era background, development stage, existing problems and development prospects of the rapid development of new energy smart vehicles in my country;

The problem of the "stuck neck" of automotive chips and the broad market space, how can colleagues in the chip industry seize the opportunities of national policies and market opportunities to expand and strengthen the chip industry;

About the new energy smart car industry and the chip industry to promote each other and grow together, in order to achieve the goal of becoming a powerful country in automobiles and chips.


Shanghai Xinwang Microelectronics Co., Ltd.  

FAE Director 

Lu Hengyang   

"Innovative automotive chip technology helps the new four modernizations of automobiles"

About Xinwang Microelectronics Co., Ltd.:

ChipON is a high-tech enterprise focusing on automotive-grade and industrial-grade mixed-signal 8-bit/32-bit MCU & DSP chips. It has been focusing on high-reliability and high-quality MCU based on its own KungFu processor architecture for more than ten years. The R&D and design of devices is one of the earliest chip design companies in the automotive and industrial fields in China.

The core product, automotive-grade MCU, has passed the AEC-Q100 quality certification, enabling mass commercial use in the automotive pre-installation market, covering a wide range of scenarios such as body control, automotive power and motors, automotive lighting, and smart cockpits. KungFu MCUs have been used in many Fortune 500 and domestic well-known companies around the world with the three characteristics of high reliability, low power consumption and high performance, and have shipped over hundreds of millions of units.


BYD Semiconductor Corporation 

Senior Marketing Manager, Power Semiconductor Product Center   

Sun Yunshuai

《Latest Advances in Automotive IGBT Technology》

Spoilers for the speech:

The key circuits in the high-voltage system of new energy vehicles all need switching components to realize, and power devices are the key technology of vehicle electrification;

The technical route and latest progress of BYD Semiconductor's automotive-grade IGBT;

How will vehicle-grade power modules evolve in the future, and how BYD Semiconductor will respond to future opportunities and challenges.


Wuhan Mengxin Technology Co., Ltd. 

Deputy General Manager 

Fang Ting

"Precise spatiotemporal information empowers innovation and development of automotive technology"

Spoilers for the speech:

The status quo of the Beidou satellite navigation system industry chain and the development of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industry chain;

Introduction to the focus areas and business models of DreamCore Technology, focusing on the advantages of DreamCore Technology in technology and industry;

The development trend of automobile technology and the application innovation of Mengxin Technology in the field of automobile technology as a provider of accurate spatiotemporal information identification.


Wuhan Jiekai Technology Co., Ltd. 

Director of Product Systems 

Zhu Yubin

"AutoChips builds the future of domestic 32-bit automotive MCU "core"

Spoilers for the speech:

One "chip" stirs the world. With the increasing contradiction between supply and demand, AutoChips, a domestic chip company focusing on the research and development and design of automotive electronic chips for more than ten years, has become the first choice of many domestic OEMs and tier 1s. At present, AutoChips two generations of MCU chips AC781x and AC7801x series have shipped more than 10 million pieces, which can meet the needs of more than 60% of the application scenarios of automotive ECU modules. AutoChips can be seen in the popular new energy vehicle field. The upcoming domestic first automotive-grade MCU AC7840x series that complies with ISO26262 functional safety ASIL-B level, can meet the current replacement needs of the more core areas of automotive electronics, and the technology monopoly of overseas chip factories will accelerate the full localization of automotive electronic chips. pace.

Summit Agenda:

Time: October 28-30   Location: Shenzhen World ·12A60, Hall 12  
&nbsp ;  Made by the core master"Hardcore China Chip Technology Park" once again assists the South China Electronics Fair in Munich, providing more stages for outstanding Chinese chip companies to display their products and strengths. With the help of well-known exhibition resources and professional reports from Chip Master, we can provide more opportunities for Chinese chip companies. Enterprises provide online and offline linkage promotion. The exhibition area will bring together about 20 high-quality exhibitors, and more than 100 products and solutions will be unveiled, accelerating the rise of the industry with rich industry resources.

In the 320-square-meter "Hard Core China Core Technology Park", Master Core opened the "Domestic Core Supply and Demand Matchmaking Meeting" to create a professional offline communication platform and connect a broader bridge for Chinese core companies. .

Heavy events in the same period↓↓↓

Time: October 28-29   Location: Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center ·12 Hall No. 12A60   Organizer: Master Chip
  Co-organizer: Munich South China Electronics Fair  

Proposed purchasing company:  

Original chip manufacturers to be invited:
  Over 200 high-quality domestic chip manufacturers will be gathered at the meeting, including 32 domestic MCU, 26 1 domestic sensor chips, 15 domestic memory chips, 21 domestic power management chips, 16 domestic RF chips, 20 domestic WiFi/Bluetooth/communication chips, 10 domestic signal chain chips, 12 domestic power chips, 11 domestic AI chips, 9 domestic processor chips and other related companies. We sincerely invite you to meet"Domestic Chip Supply and Demand Matchmaking Conference"!

Concurrent exhibition↓↓↓  

When: October 28-30, 2021

Location: Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao'an New Hall)

2021 South China International Intelligent Manufacturing, Advanced Electronics and Laser Technology Expo's member exhibition (LEAP Expo) - Munich South China Electronics Exhibition (electronica South China) is based in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, radiating South China, Southwest China and Southeast Asia markets. ” as the theme, focusing on popular technology applications such as 5G, Internet of Things, automobiles, carbon neutrality, third-generation semiconductors, industrial automation, machine vision, wearables, consumer electronics, smart homes, etc. It brings innovation and vitality to the booming electronics industry in South China and contributes to economic recovery.

Shenzhen Sakor Micro Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (www.slkormicro.com) participated in the "China Chip" Summit in 2019. That summit played a very good role in promoting the development of Sakor Micro Semiconductor SLKOR, expanding the The influence of Kewei Semiconductor in the field of semiconductors, Shenzhen Saco Semiconductor Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the design, production and sales of integrated circuits. The "SLKOR" brand and technology of Sac Micro comes from South Korea. After several years of unremitting efforts by the general manager Mr. Song Shiqiang and the Sac Micro team, the core IP design of component products, wafer tape-out, packaging and testing, and sales services have been realized. The localization of key links and other key links has become an authentic "Chinese chip", striving to break through the "neck" situation of Chinese chips in Europe and the United States.

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