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SLKOR common analog circuit classic Q \\u0026 A (5)

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An analog signal refers to a continuously changing electrical signal. Analog circuit is the basis of electronic circuit, which mainly includes amplifier circuit, signal operation and processing circuit, oscillation circuit, modulation and demodulation circuit and power supply. Below are our common analog circuit questions and answers.

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1. Are holes a carrier? Do electrons move when holes conduct electricity?

Answer: No, but it can be equivalent to a carrier in its motion. When the hole conducts electricity, electrons of equal charge will move in the opposite direction.

2. In what proportion is the intrinsic semiconductor doped in the preparation of impurity semiconductors?

Answer: Incorporated in a proportion of the order of one millionth.

3. What is zero drift? Why does zero drift occur?

Answer: The phenomenon that the input voltage is zero and the output voltage is not zero and changes slowly is called zero drift. The change of semiconductor device parameters caused by temperature change is the main cause of zero drift.

4. What are the most basic technical parameters of the diode?

Answer: The maximum rectified current.

What are the characteristics of semiconductor materials for electronic devices compared with traditional vacuum electronic devices?

A: It has good frequency characteristics, small size and low power consumption, which is convenient for the miniaturization of integrated circuit products. In addition, it is also particularly outstanding in terms of firmness, shock resistance and reliability; however, it is not as good as vacuum devices in terms of distortion and stability.

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