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The application scope of the LED light -emitting diode

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       Application scope of SMD LED

Chip-mounted LED has only red, yellow and green colors, so its luminous efficiency is very low (only about 1 lm/W), its brightness is relatively low, and its price is high. People only use it as an indicator light for electronic products.
1. AC power indicator

As long as the circuit is connected to the 220V/50Hz AC power cord, the LED will light up, indicating that the power is on. The resistance value of the current limiting resistor r is 220V/IF.

2. AC switch indicator light

The switch indicator circuit of incandescent lamp adopts SMD LED. When the switch is turned off and the bulb goes out, the current forms a loop through R, LED and bulb EL, and the LED is on, which is convenient for people to look for the switch in the dark. At this time, the current in the loop is very small, and the bulb will not light up. When the switch is turned on, the bulb is turned on and the LED is turned off.

3. AC power socket indicator light

Two-color (common cathode) patch LED is used as the circuit of AC power socket indicator. The power supply of the socket is controlled by the switch S. When the red LED is on, the socket has no electricity; When the green LED lights up, the socket has power.

4. Safety socket indicator light.

SMD LED is used as the circuit of safety socket indicator of distribution box of factory equipment. When the insurance tube is in good condition, the LED does not light up; When the fuse blows, the LED will light up to indicate to the user which fuse has blown and needs to be replaced. This is very convenient for porcelain-cored fuses that cannot be observed by naked eyes.

5. The advertising signboard lamp adopts SMD LED.

6. SMD LED LEDs are suitable for monochrome or color displays.Generally, monochrome displays are used to display single-line Chinese characters, and color displays are used for outdoor large-screen TVs.

7.LED street lamps.

8.LED car signal lights and LED electric vehicle lights.

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