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Kinghelm production base director Liu Huan, thank you for your hard work!

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In the gentle and warm May breeze, Kinghelm (www.kinghelm.net) General Manager Song Shiqiang and a team of five headed south without delay to inspect the production base in Luzhai County, Liuzhou, Guangxi. With a rich history, Luzhai is known for its beautiful legend of "immortals releasing deer," the magnificent and peculiar Luzhai Mountain, the earthly charm of Liuzhou's snail noodles, and the romantic allure of "the wind still blows to Luzhai when thinking of you."


To commend excellence, encourage innovation, and promote the spirit of hard work, the idea of "transforming the production base into a platform for promotion, an original factory benchmark, and a model for technological transformation" has long been brewing. General Manager Song Shiqiang's visit aims to "implement dedicated responsibility and precise coordination."


Kinghelm Electronics has always been people-oriented, with a focus on promoting individuals, especially colleagues working at the grassroots level. Effective promotion requires collective efforts and targeted approaches. Therefore, the Song Shiqiang team chose the breakthrough of "conducting individual interviews for the production base" to boost morale and unite forces. Through unanimous selection by the base employees, Director Liu Huan, who sets an example of dedication and professionalism, is the embodiment of everyone's hopes and aspirations.



As an individual born in the 1980s, Director Liu Huan is a rare talent who combines technical expertise with strong managerial skills. Upon entering the production workshop, our attention was immediately drawn to him: one of the few male workers in the electronics factory. He was constantly focused on the machines, tirelessly moving around and ensuring that each machine operated at high speed and with stability. Only after all the machines were running smoothly did he take a moment to wipe the sweat from his brow.


When General Manager Song Shiqiang inspected the workshop and found him, Director Liu was deeply engrossed in adjusting a machine in a corner. After a brief exchange and handshake, he promptly resumed his work, showing unwavering dedication to machine adjustments without delaying production. Therefore, we conducted his interview beside the machine, employing a "seize every opportunity" and "constantly shifting locations" approach, making full use of his fragmented work schedule while prioritizing production needs.




General Manager Song Shiqiang (right) and Director Liu Huan (left) of Kinghelm's production base in Luzhai, Guangxi, posing for a photo.



Director Liu Huan stated that he is responsible for the maintenance and management of the production equipment and facilities, as well as the overall operational management and control of production costs in the factory. He deeply understands the importance of "safe production and cost reduction." Therefore, he possesses a thorough understanding of the working principles of each piece of equipment, the functionality and operation of various components, and the maintenance requirements of functional parts. He also demonstrates a comprehensive knowledge of the significance of each position, job responsibilities, operating procedures, and safety precautions for every team member. When speaking about his management team, he brims with confidence.


During our conversation, we learned that Director Liu Huan has been rooted in Kinghelm's production base in Luzhai, Guangxi, for 14 years! His steadfast dedication, focused excellence, and commitment to the mission have made outstanding contributions to the professional management, quality production, on-time delivery, and normalization of safety practices at the production base. Additionally, he has played a crucial role in controlling production costs. Here, we extend our gratitude to Director Liu Huan for his hard work!


He mentioned that his journey from a grassroots employee to the current position of production base director and team leader has brought about changes in his understanding and an elevation of his ideological awareness. His greatest realization is that "choice is more important than effort, and effort makes the choice correct." He emphasized that the bright prospects of working for an original equipment manufacturer, combined with systematic support from Kinghelm's headquarters, have reinforced his firm choice and ongoing efforts in one direction, ultimately leading to his present sense of mastery and fulfillment of aspirations.


Established in 2007, Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd. has a history of 17 years, making Director Liu Huan, with 14 years of experience, a truly deserving veteran and a core pillar of the entrepreneurial team at Kinghelm Electronics. "Step by step, over time, can lead to great accomplishments," and "the excellence of one person can inspire a group's excellence." Director Liu Huan exemplifies the spirit of the new era's strivers!


General Manager Song Shiqiang (back left second from the right) takes a group photo with representatives of the production base staff for a keepsake.



"Efficiency is life," the team led by General Manager Song Shiqiang has always been renowned for its high efficiency, professionalism, and continuous improvement. Each individual carries out their work with flexibility and mutual assistance, recognizing that the power of the team is boundless. With a shared goal and dream, adhering to principles, striving for excellence, demonstrating resilience, and paying attention to details, we believe that diligence will be rewarded and continuous effort will lead to significant achievements. Together, we look forward to a brighter future through collective endeavor! We hope that all the staff at Kinghelm's Guangxi production base in Luzhai, Liuzhou, will learn from Director Liu Huan and other outstanding individuals. Embracing the spirit of the new era's strivers, we encourage everyone to pursue excellence, strive bravely, and become outstanding individuals who walk alongside other outstanding individuals.

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