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The heart Jianghu heaven reliant sword is scabbard! 60 billion transistors, the powerful CPU of Alibaba server comes, and the giant chip manufacturing is upgraded again

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Xinjianghu News on October 19th, at the main forum of the 2021 Hangzhou Yunqi Conference, Pingtouge Semiconductor Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Alibaba Group, launched the DAMO Academyself-developed server processor chip Yitian 710, using The industry's most advanced 5nm process, a single chip can accommodate up to 60 billion transistors.   Yetian 710, known as the most powerful ARM server chip in the industry, its performance exceeds the industry benchmark by about 20%, and its energy efficiency ratio is improved by more than 50%.

As Alibaba's first CPU server chip for the cloud, the Yitian 710 is undoubtedly an important step for Alibaba Cloud to promote the "one cloud with multiple cores" strategy. One application, and gradually serve enterprises on the cloud.   So far, Alibaba has become the third cloud computing company in the world to have self-developed ARM server chips after Amazon and Huawei.  

Zhang Jianfeng, president of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, announced at the Yunqi Conference that over 2.5 billion Xuantie series CPUs have been shipped so far, making them the most widely used domestic CPUs in China. It is understood that the Xuantie series processors are self-developed CPUs developed by Pingtouge Semiconductor for IoT end-side applications. They adopt two major architectures, self-developed and RISC-V, covering various scenarios from low power consumption to high performance. It is widely used in machine vision, industrial control, vehicle terminal, mobile communication, multimedia and wireless access and other fields.

Pingtouge Semiconductor also officially open sourced the Xuantie RISC-V series processors, and opened up a series of tools and system software. This is the world's first full-stack open source for a series of processors and basic software, which will promote the maturity of the RISC-V architecture, help RISC-V software and hardware technologies accelerate the integration and development, and recommend the implementation of innovations.

In the AIoT era, the RISC-V architecture is expected to become the next generation of widely used CPU architecture after Intel X86 and ARM due to its openness and flexibility. However, the current RISC-V architecture faces problems such as application fragmentation, low development efficiency, and difficult software and hardware adaptation, and the software and hardware ecosystem is not yet mature.

Xuantie RISC-V series processors use self-developed technology to cover various scenarios from low power consumption to high performance, support AliOS, FreeRTOS, RT-Thread, Linux, Android and other operating systems, and have been successfully applied to microcontrollers , industrial control, smart home appliances, smart grid, image processing, artificial intelligence, multimedia and automotive electronics. Not long ago, the Xuantie 910 was compatible with Android for the first time in the world, which greatly expanded the imagination of the RISC-V architecture for an open ecosystem.

             Behind the sword of Yitian 710, ARM sounded the horn of charge

Although the Yitian 710 "unsheathed" a little later, whether it is the industry's first 5nm or innovative architecture design, it has demonstrated the ability of Pingtouge Semiconductor Co., Ltd. to develop and design large and complex chips. According to public information, both Ampere and Feiteng plan to launch new 5nm server chips next year.   Similar to other cloud manufacturers that develop their own chips, Etian 710 will not be sold at present, mainly for Alibaba Cloud's own use.   Alibaba Cloud is fully compatible with mainstream chip architectures such as x86, Arm, and RISC-V. The self-developed Yitian 710 further enriches Alibaba Cloud's underlying technical architecture, and is in-depth with the Apsara operating system. Collaborate to provide cost-effective cloud services for cloud customers.

Zhang Jianfeng, President of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence and Dean of DAMO Academy, said: "Alibaba will continue to maintain close cooperation with partners such as Intel, NVIDIA, AMD, and ARM to provide customers with more choices."

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