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Huichuan technology won the energy storage award, and diversified businesses helped achieve the "double carbon" goal

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Recently, the 8th International Optical Storage and Charging Conference and Exhibition was held in Wuxi, bringing together participants and promoters from industry, academia and research. Focusing on energy storage planning in the 14th Five-Year Plan, industry development trends, discussing mechanism innovation, discussing industrial cooperation, and exploring technological frontiers.

At the award ceremony of the conference, Inovance Technology won the 2021 Best Energy Storage High-Power Bidirectional Converter Supplier Award.

With the profound transformation of the global energy pattern towards the pursuit of clean and efficient energy, it has become a consensus that the energy storage industry and energy storage technology are the core support for the development of new energy, and the role of energy storage in the generation, transmission, distribution and use side is becoming more and more prominent.

Relying on powerful power electronics technology, automation technology and digital control technology, Inovance Technology has successively made breakthroughs in high-speed drive technology, high-voltage compressor drive technology, energy storage converters, and energy management and control systems. Industry-wide product solutions for control equipment.

IES1000 series energy storage converters

IES1000 series energy storage converter is the key equipment for energy exchange between energy storage battery components and the power grid. It can realize the function of peak regulation/frequency regulation of the power grid, and at the same time ensure the stable operation of the power grid system and achieve smooth power supply.  

▲ IES1000 Series Tianchi 1000V Energy Storage Converter

▲ IES1000 series Tianhe1500V energy storage converter

IPS integrated energy storage container

The IPS integrated energy storage container optimizes and integrates three-level high-power PCS, switchgear and step-up transformer. The system design has a high degree of integration, which not only saves space, but also makes installation and maintenance operations efficient and simple, greatly shortening the power station construction. cycle and reduce system design costs. The integrated container adopts the high-end intelligent coordination controller of Inovance, which can complete the overall control in milliseconds. It is suitable for large-capacity energy storage applications, and meets the scenarios of primary and secondary frequency regulation, off-grid energy storage, and power grid black start.  

▲ IPS integrated energy storage container solution  

In the future, Huichuan Technology will rely on the company's achievements in high-power power electronic technology and key equipment for new energy power generation, increase investment in technological innovation and R&D, provide more professional solutions for the high-quality development of energy storage, and join hands with customers in the energy industry to lead the green industry Create a zero-carbon future together.

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