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What is the role of the triode?

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What is the function of chip triode?

Product quality inspection:
  (1) Measure the resistance between electrodes. Set the multimeter to R× 00 or R× 1K, according to six different connection modes of red and black probes. Among them, the forward resistance values of emitter junction and collector junction are relatively low, and the resistance values measured by the other four connections are all very high, about several hundred kiloohms to infinity. However, whether it is low resistance or high resistance, the interelectrode resistance of silicon triode is far greater than that of germanium triode.

(2) The penetration current ICEO of SMD triode is approximately equal to the product of the multiple β of the tube and the reverse current ICBO of the collector junction. ICBO increases rapidly with the increase of ambient temperature, and the increase of ICBO will inevitably lead to the increase of ICEO. The increase of ICEO will directly affect the stability of the pipe, so the pipe with small ICEO should be used as much as possible.

Product classification:

According to the polarity, there are two types: one is the most commonly used NPN transistor, and the other is PNP transistor. According to the material, it can be divided into two types: one is silicon triode, which is the most commonly used one, and the other is germanium triode, which was widely used before. Three poles are divided into two types according to their working frequency: one is a low-frequency triode, which is mainly used in places with low working frequency; The other is high-frequency triode, which is mainly used in places with high working frequency. According to the power, there are three types: one is a low-power triode, whose output power is small; One is a medium-power triode, with larger output power; The other is a high-power triode, whose output power can be very high, which is mainly used in high-power output occasions. According to the use, it is divided into: amplifying tube and switching tube.

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