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Precautions for Module Selection-Direction angle requirements

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   Precautions for module selection-conduction angle requirements

When the module has a small conduction angle (that is, the module has a high input voltage and a low output voltage), it will output a large current, which will cause the module to heat up seriously or even burn down. This is because the current value measured by a common meter in the non-sinusoidal state is not an effective value, so although the current value displayed by the meter does not exceed the nominal value of the module, the effective value will exceed several times of the nominal value of the module. Therefore, it is required that the module should work at a large conduction angle (above 100 degrees).
  Other requirements:

(1) When the module controls the transformer load, if the transformer is unloaded, the output current may be less than the holding current of the thyristor chip, resulting in a large DC component in the loop, which may burn the fuse in serious cases. To avoid the above situation, a fixed resistor can be connected to the output end of the module, and the output current of each phase is generally not less than 500mA (the specific data can be determined according to the test).

(2) The main electrode of the small-sized module is fastened without screws, so it is easy to break. When wiring, attention should be paid to avoid external force or cable gravity pulling up the electrode and breaking it.

(3) It is strictly forbidden to directly crimp the cable copper wire on the module electrode, so as to prevent additional heating caused by poor contact.(4) The module cannot be used as an isolating switch. To ensure safety, an air switch should be installed in front of the input end of the module.

(5) When measuring the working shell temperature of the module, the surface of the radiator near the center of the module bottom plate is selected as the test point. A deep hole can be drilled horizontally below the surface of the radiator to the center of the radiator, and the thermocouple probe can be inserted into the bottom of the hole. The temperature of the test point should be ≤80℃.

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