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Unforgiving winds and rain, but there is love in Huaqiangbei! Slkor gives out umbrellas to warm people's hearts!!

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Recently, Shenzhen has been experiencing continuous rainfall. In order to enhance the emotional appeal of its 'slkor' brand and shape the company's image, SlkorMicro Semicon recently launched the 'Grateful Huaqiangbei - SlkorMicro Gives Out Umbrellas to Warm People's Hearts' campaign in Huaqiangbei. The event was held at SlkorMicro's first and second stores in the old and new Huaqiang markets, where high-quality custom umbrellas were randomly given to passersby. The 'SlkorMicro in the Rain' activity not only demonstrates the company's social responsibility and noble humanitarian spirit, but also showcases the company's moral character of upholding virtue, kindness, and mutual assistance. General Manager Song Shiqiang said, Kinghelm and SlkorMicro are both companies that emerged from Huaqiangbei. Now that we have grown bigger, we should give back to Huaqiangbei and start with small things that we can do within our capabilities!



"SlkorMicro Semicon's slkor second store in Huaqiangbei giving out umbrellas"


The umbrella-giving event of SlkorMicro Semicon's slkor was a way to give back to Huaqiangbei and the community. During the early stages of entrepreneurship, both Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd. were based in Huaqiangbei, Shenzhen. With a scientific and reasonable development strategy and industrial planning, SlkorMicro entered a period of rapid growth. While taking bold steps forward, SlkorMicro never forgot about Huaqiangbei and its customers and peers there. The umbrella-giving event in the rain not only provided convenience for the peers in Huaqiangbei, but also deepened the emotional communication and connection between SlkorMicro Semicon, Kinghelm Electronics, and Huaqiangbei.



"Manager Huang Xiang of slkor at the Huaqiangbei One Store gave umbrellas to passersby."


The umbrella-giving event organized by SlkorMicro Semicon has helped to shape the company's brand image and provided convenience for people in the rain at Huaqiangbei. The umbrellas, designed with a red background and gold lettering that complements the CIS brand image of SlkorMicro, can be used in both sunny and rainy days, enhancing the public's impression of SlkorMicro's logo and forming a strong brand penetration. This umbrella-giving activity has increased the social reputation of SlkorMicro. In today's increasingly diversified social value structure, a good reputation can increase customers' trust in SlkorMicro, making employees and external partners more identified and trusted with the company.



Slkor branded umbrella with a red background and gold lettering


Slkor Micro's umbrella-giving event in the rain highlights the essence of Slkor Micro's corporate culture. The event is a public welfare activity that gives back to the community of Huaqiangbei, showcasing Slkor Micro's values and fulfilling its social responsibility and obligations as a company. It reflects Slkor Micro's core values and essence of corporate culture to the greatest extent, vividly interpreting Slkor Micro's corporate culture of "integrity, dedication, attention to detail, and perseverance". Additionally, the event can promote Slkor Micro's brand image and deepen communication with peers externally, while internally, it can enhance the company's cohesion, inspire employees' morale, and promote the company's own growth.



Slkor Micro's rain umbrella giveaway event at the Huaqiangbei store


Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd., whose technical backbone comes from Tsinghua University and Yonsei University in Korea, leads the company's development with new materials, new processes, and new products, and holds the world's leading third-generation silicon carbide power device technology. SlkorMicro's products include three major series of integrated circuits: diodes, transistors, power devices, and power management chips. From an IP design company, SlkorMicro has developed into a national high-tech enterprise that integrates design and development, manufacturing, sales, and service, and the "SLKOR" brand has gained a good reputation in the semiconductor industry. In addition to showcasing SlkorMicro's products and promoting the "SLKOR" brand, the company's official website also serves as one of the most important platforms for collaborative development within the semiconductor industry, facilitating technical exchanges, idea collisions, information exchanges, data queries, and industrial development research.


"SlkorMicro distributes free umbrellas in Huaqiangbei as a gesture of gratitude"


SlkorMicro Semicon has taken on the mission of strengthening the nation through advanced semiconductor technology, with the goal of becoming a "leader in domestic semiconductors" and contributing to the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. SlkorMicro is dedicated to the construction of society and the semiconductor industry, continuously contributing to domestic substitution. SlkorMicro's D882 is a domestic replacement for the SOT-89CJ (Changdian) D882, the BAT54S is a domestic replacement for the SOT-23CJ (Changdian) BAT54S, the BAT54A is a domestic replacement for the CJ (Changdian) BAT54A, the 74HC595D/SOP-14 is a domestic replacement for the TOSHIBA 74HC595D, the SLM601/SOP-5 is a domestic replacement for the LITEON (Optoelectronics) LTV-M601, and the BTA08-800B/TO-220, BTA16-800B/TO-220, and BTA24-800B/TO-220 are domestic replacements for the ST (STMicroelectronics) BTA08-800BWRG, BTA16-800BRG, and BTA24-800BWRG, respectively.



"Slkor Shenzhen Huaqiangbei Store 2 Grand Opening"


SlkorMicro(www.slkoric.com) has always been dedicated to the cultivation of humanistic care and the undertaking of corporate social responsibility. In its business operations, the company continuously emphasizes humanistic care, and in its development, it continuously practices social responsibility, aiming to enhance its awareness of corporate humanistic care and social feedback. The "Rainy Day Umbrella Delivery" campaign by SlkorMicro Semiconductor is an active initiative in assuming social responsibility and has won the support of peers and customers, establishing a good reputation. SlkorMicro General Manager Song Shiqiang (Huaqiangbei Song Shiqiang) stated that this heartwarming umbrella delivery campaign is just the beginning. In the future, SlkorMicro will continue to enrich its corporate culture of "uprightness, refinement, attention to detail, and perseverance," and carry out similar public welfare activities in Huaqiangbei to contribute to the society.

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