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Good news!!! Slkor Was Awarded as the “Rising Star” by Lichuang E-commerce Platform

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On January 7, 2022, 2021 Supplier Conference of www.szlcsc.comwas held in Imperial Hot Spring Resort in Zhuhai City. Song Shiqiang, GM of Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. (www.slkormicro.com) was invited to attend the conference, which consists of many different wonderful designs, such as visit to Zhuhai warehouse, PCB, SMT and 3D printing factories, themed speech, award banquet and sightseeing in resort. Thanks to remarkable performance in recent two years, Slkor was awarded as the “Rising Star” by Lichuang e-commerce platform. Yang Linjie, general manager of Lichuang, awarded the trophy to Slkor.


Awarding site


Covering an area of 100 mu, Shenzhen JLC Electronics Co., Ltd. (Zhuhai Base) has established a manufacturing factory of 100,000 m² and is specialized in silicon-based MOS of high, middle and low voltage, IGBT,SCR, Hall sensor, power management IC and TVS/ESD. Launched in 2020, Zhuhai warehouse of www.szlcsc.comhas a total of 400,000 SKUs. Its suppliers paid a visit to its components warehouses, and factories of PCB, SMT,3D printing and stencil manufacturing respectively.


Slkor was awarded as the “Rising Star” in 2021 Supplier Conference of www.szlcsc.com

In the conference, Yang Linjie, CEO of www.szlcsc.com reviewed achievements made by itself in partnership with its suppliers in 2021 and shared their further strategic cooperation plan in 2022.



He Junju, director of Slkor received the award on stage


As said by Yang Linjie, “On the basis of our intelligent one-stop service of technological innovation of industry Internet, we will join hands with our suppliers to offer more comprehensive and valuable services to our customers in 2022.”


As a high-quality supplier of www.szlcsc.com, Slkor and Kinghelm were both invited to attend the conference, during which, we visited many intelligent good shelves and automatic equipment sorting delivery warehouses that could enhance delivery speed greatly. We also paid a visit to the factories of PCB, SMT and 3D. Inspired by this conference, Slkor’s participants learned much valuable experience that could facilitate Slkor’s better development.


Automatic sorting devices of www.szlcsc.com


After years of efforts, Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. (www.slkormicro.com) grows together with and witnesses the development ofwww.szlcsc.com. Slkor’s products are well received in power electronic industry at present. Products such as Hall sensor, MOS, ESD/TVS diode and LDO are in explosive growth in www.szlcsc.com. Slkor and Kinghelm have also maintained a favorable relationship with www.szlcsc.com. Mr. Song, GM of Slkor took part in live-streaming of www.szlcsc.com twice to publicize Slkor brand and communicate withregistered engineers of www.szlcsc.comonline. He also sold Slkor’s power devices with a total price of RMB 50,000,to boost the sales of Slkor’s products and popularity of Slkor brand.


Slkor’s high, medium and low-voltage MOS tube series products


According to GM Song Shiqiang, Slkor must make further development by complying with the latest trend. We will not only intensify R & D and marketing of Hall sensor, diode and transistors, ESD/TVS transient suppression diode and LDO further but also explore the market of high-power MOS and integrated circuit IC in order to provide more high-quality electronic component products for customers and engineers from Slkor and Kinghelm(www.bds666.com) via www.szlcsc.com. We hope that www.szlcsc.com will grow better and bring more value to registered electronic engineers, purchasers, suppliers and terminal customers and more contributions to domestication of electronic components!


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