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SLKOR official website (www.slkormicro.com) new revised upgrade

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Since the establishment of the SLKOR brand in 2005, it has accompanied everyone through 15 years of ups and downs. Since entering the Chinese market, it has gradually been understood and accepted by the majority of engineering technicians and end users. The Slkor team appreciates everyone's trust and support to our company over the years.

       In order to adapt to the general trend of the Internet wave, and for the company's better long-term development, to strengthen the requirements of product and brand publicity, the company has carried out a new revision and upgrade of the website based on the principle of "focusing on customer satisfaction". Committed to providing industry users with more high-quality products and more complete product solutions. The website domain name after the revision remains unchanged (WWW.SLKORMICRO.COM)

       1. Layout

       The new version of the website integrates and improves part of the content of the original website (WWW.SLKORMICRO.COM), and at the same time, the company's main functional modules and content have been re-planned and laid out, which is very different from the past in terms of form, function and operation. Big innovations and improvements. In terms of service business content, it will be more abundant and intuitive, online transactions will be smoother, and users will be more convenient to obtain online services and consultations. This revision also shows that our company will solve the problems encountered by customers with more careful and thoughtful services.

       2. Content

       New columns such as "Expert Column", "Technical Exchange", "News" and "Media Information" are added to upload more high-quality articles and information, so that customers can obtain more valuable content and service information. The new version of the website has gathered world-class experts, such as professors Zhou Zucheng and Zhu Yiwei of Tsinghua University, and experts such as Song Shiqiang. In order to facilitate more engineers to discuss, there is a senior semiconductor electronics industry expert Yininghua in the technical exchange column.

       3. Products

       The page of the product center has changed the most, and it is also the process of gradually enriching the product line of the SLKOR brand. The previous SiC MOS tube, SiC SBD, the current high-voltage MOS field effect transistor, low-voltage MOS tube, SiC silicon carbide components, IGBT single tube, diode, triode, Hall element, some power management IC, etc., our company almost All products are displayed here. Navigation links at all levels are user-friendly, click on the product picture to browse more models.

       Welcome everyone to visit often. The new website (WWW.SLKORMICRO.COM) is still under continuous improvement. If you have any comments and suggestions, please leave us a message and brainstorm so that we can do better. Thank you very much!

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