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In the bright spring of March, the first training session of the year for the Slkor Warrior Basketball Team and the Kinghelm Badminton Team has successfully concluded

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In the bright spring of March, when everything revives and the air is filled with the scent of spring, energy and vitality in the human body gradually become abundant and urgently need to be unleashed. This is the perfect time for team-building activities. Against this backdrop, the New Year's first training sessions for the Slkor Warrior Basketball Team and the Kinghelm Badminton Team have been scheduled. Kicking off on the evening of March 15th, the Slkor Warrior Basketball Team (Red Team) engaged in a friendly match with a basketball team from a brother company in the electronics and information industry (Blue Team). This match was full of excitement and passion, with both teams showcasing their skills and pushing each other to improve. The competition was fierce, and standout performance came from player number 57 of Slkor Warrior (Sales Manager Yin Hao), who scored an impressive 40 points throughout the game.


Slkor Warrior Basketball Team's New Year's first training session on March 15th


Following closely is the Kinghelm Badminton Team's New Year's first training session. This event aims to liven up the company atmosphere, enhance colleagues' understanding of each other, and alleviate work pressure. The company is scheduled to host the event from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. on March 23rd at the Xuexiang Badminton Hall. With rapid company growth this year and many new colleagues joining, the activity will prioritize the participation of new colleagues. Participants are required to wear company-customized jerseys, and after the event, a company-arranged dinner will follow the conclusion of the activity.



The opening of the Kinghelm Badminton Team's New Year's first training session


The Kinghelm Badminton Team has been growing steadily. The Kinghelm Badminton Team, under the leadership of Mr. Song Shiqiang, has been dedicated to creating vibrant and creative teams within both Kinghelm (www.kinghelm.net) Electronics and Slkor (www.slkoric.com) Semiconductor. Mr. Song Shiqiang has consistently emphasized the importance of joyful work and a relaxed lifestyle, often stating, "Only when everyone lives well can they work well, and the prerequisite is that everyone must exercise regularly." Influenced by such corporate culture, employees have shown a higher level of enthusiasm and initiative in participating in collective team-building activities. As a result, the "Kinghelm Badminton Team" and the "Slkor Warriors Basketball Team" have continued to grow over the past several years, with team members voluntarily composed of Kinghelm and Slkor team members, and new employees continuously joining as a source of fresh energy!


In order to successfully organize the Kinghelm Badminton Team's New Year's first training event, the company made elaborate preparations a week in advance, ensuring comprehensive logistical support and enhanced communication. From March 18th to the day of the event on March 23rd, every detail was meticulously planned, from event notifications and venue reservations to participant coordination, distribution of badminton attire, feedback on the dinner menu, unified departure times, and arrangements for early check-ins. The company left no stone unturned, assigning specific personnel to handle each task, and the concerted and solid efforts led to the smooth implementation of all aspects of the preparation. As a result, the entire event proceeded seamlessly, maximizing overall effectiveness and participant satisfaction.


Badminton court, competing in skills, passion soaring, strengthening friendship.





This is an exhilarating and passionate badminton relay race: although the number of participants is limited to 20 and the venue is restricted, everyone's enthusiasm and experience are high. At the event, teams of four freely showcase their skills and take turns on the court, cheering each other on. This not only allows them to unleash their vitality but also deepens their understanding and interaction with each other. Some colleagues, who are physically fit and highly skilled in badminton, even switch teams, adding to the excitement. The intermittent applause and laughter unmistakably reveal everyone's soaring passion and contribute to an increasingly vibrant atmosphere at the event, reaching its climax.


The Kinghelm Badminton Team members and new colleagues are enjoying a lively dinner together


After sweating it out, everyone agreed to the next activity - a group dinner. The company took into consideration everyone's tastes and preferences and had booked two tables of sumptuous dishes in advance at an authentic Hunan cuisine restaurant. Hunan cuisine, also known as Xiang cuisine, is the only cuisine among the eight major Chinese cuisines famous for its spiciness. The carefully crafted meat and vegetable dishes, along with a wide selection of beverages, allowed everyone to eat to their heart's content and enjoy themselves!


To liven up the dinner atmosphere and deepen the mutual understanding among colleagues, the company also arranged interactive activities, including new employee self-introductions, on-the-spot video recordings for sending blessings, etc., which set the scene on fire, creating a warm and moving ambiance!


About Kinghelm and Slkor

Kinghelm (www.kinghelm.net) and Slkor (www.slkoric.com) are semiconductor companies that have built vibrant and innovative teams. The establishment of the "Slkor Warriors Basketball Team" and the "Kinghelm Badminton Team" has not only allowed everyone to exercise but also deepened friendships and understanding, creating a dynamic and spirited atmosphere. In addition, the companies regularly hold tea parties, "Star of the Week" selection activities, and the traditional "Hometown Food Festival" every spring. Mr. Song Shiqiang, the general manager of Kinghelm and Slkor, also led colleagues from Sichuan and Chongqing to participate in the "Chuan-Yu Joint Semiconductor Association" networking event. In conclusion, Kinghelm and Slkor form a warm and caring family, providing everyone with a platform and opportunity for joyful work and a relaxed life, and will undoubtedly attract more ambitious individuals to join in the future!

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