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In order to better promote the brand and strengthen the society's understanding of Saco Micro, slkor has determined the company's future development direction and goals, "determined to become the leader of power devices in China".

         Since the Slkor brand entered the Chinese market, Slkor (www.slkormicro.com) has been deeply involved in the power device market. The company has been continuously strengthening localization. The actual controller of the company and the brand, as well as the management, R&D and production team, as well as the market, channels, and application solutions have all taken root in China. It has also strengthened the power device R&D team, packaging and testing supply in China. Layout of chain nodes.

SLKOR Products SCR BTA24-800B

         At present, slkor's product line is constantly enriched, from the silicon carbide high-voltage mos tube with technical advantages in power devices, SiC silicon carbide SBD tube, SCR, IGBT single tube, COOLMOS super junction field effect tube, FRD, and gradually developed product lines include: hall switch components, power management ICs and other components, as well as close cooperation with downstream power supply, inverter, PD fast charging, outdoor lighting power supply and other solution companies, to provide end customers with one-stop convenient and fast services, for customers bring value. Slko's hot-selling MOS tubes SL3402, SL13N50, SL13N45, SL2N7002, etc. occupy a very large market share.


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