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Good News! Slkor Obtained Three Utility Model Patents

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Slkor has paid much attention to the development of new technologies and products as well as IPRs since its establishment. The above ideas have supported Slkor in fierce competition as well as its brand “Slkor”. Good news came recently: Slkor obtained three utility model patents for its original creations by Mr. Song Shiqiang, GM and technical director, including A Package Structure of MOS, A Installing Structure of IGBT Power Module and A Moulding Processing Jig for Bipolar Junction Transistor, which were licensed by China National Intellectual Property Administration in March 2022.

Sake Micro slkor "a MOS tube packaging structure" utility model patent certificate

Utility model patent certificate of Slkor’s A Package Structure of MOS

The vision and slogan of Slkor are becoming “the leader of domestic semiconductor industry”. Under the leadership of Mr. Song Shiqiang, Slkor (www.slkormicro.com) could always follow its corporate culture of “Integrity, Progress, Toughness and Detail”, treat others sincerely and finish work strictly so as to produce high quality products. Mr. Song Shiqiang said, “Each of our product sold represents our promise to customers, product quality and services, corporate culture and ethics as well as mental support and strength of our team.” The key point for Slkor’s development and the building of its brand “Slkor” lie in its professional team, innovative technology and constant launch of new products.


Mr. Song Shiqiang, GM of Slkor, is a private economic researcher of the Economic Development Center of the State Council, a member of the electronic information expert database of China Association for Science and Technology, and a commercial research expert of Huaqiangbei. Mr. Song Shiqiang used to be a CEO of an international real estate listed company. He invests and manages Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. & Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd., and buildsSlkor and Kinghelm brands. Kinghelm”is national high-tech enterprise, which has obtained dozens of invention patents and software copyrights. Slkor is one of the semiconductor companieswith rapid and steady development in China, and its vision is to become the leader of domestic semiconductor industry.



Kinghelm Connecting the Beidou is the company’s slogan. On the basis of R & D on Beidou antenna, Kinghelm has developed and produced microwave antenna, RF connection line and electrical signal connectors, etc. so as to welcome the intelligent era for connection of everything. Mr.Song Shiqiang is a prestigious figure with certain influence in semiconductor, Beidou positioning and navigation industry. Having running business for years in Huaqiangbei, Song endeavors to improve the business environment in Huaqiangbei to make it a window for reform and opening up widow and business card of Shenzhen'seconomic development.


 The R&D team consisting of talents from Tsinghua University and Yonsei University (South Korea) has successfully resolved a lot of problems for new product R & D after rounds of tests under Mr. Song’s leadership andapplied for the invention patent from CNIPA. This patent is an achievement of advocating technological innovation and improvement, which comprehensively improves the technical content and practical value of the company's products. Patent number of A Package Structure of MOS Tubecertified by CNIPA is ZL 2021 2 2661946.0 and the publication patent number is CN216054681 U; patent number of A Installing Structure of IGBT Power Modulecertified by CNIPA is ZL 2021 2 2660554.2 and the publication patent number is CN216054659 U; and patent number of A Moulding Processing Jig for Bipolar Junction Transistor by CNIPA is ZL 2021 2 2673251.4 and the publication patent number is CN216027801 U.


Sacco Micro slkor "an IGBT power module installation structure" utility model patent certificate

Utility model patent certificate of Slkor’s A Installing Structure of IGBT Power Module


Slkor has more invention patentsthan other companies in the industry after years of painstaking efforts. All these patents will drive its development further, enhance technological content and stability and competitiveness of its products and support its development.


Sako Micro slkor new product battery protection chip sl197-1

Slkor’s new product: battery protectionchip SL197-1


Slkor industrial and military products at present include: SiC diodes, SiC MOS, IGBT tube, and the 5th generation of dioxide with ultra-fast power recovery, all of which could satisfy the industries with high requirements for high-performance, such as NEVs, high-end equipment, communication and electronic equipment, solar photovoltaic, and medical devices; civilian and consumer products includes: Power devices includingMOS of low, middle and high voltage,silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) and bridge rectifier; Schottky diode, ESD electrostatic protection diode,TVS transient suppression diode,general diode and transistor,power management chip, Hall sensor, high-speed optocoupler, etc., which could be applied to many different fields such as smartphone, laptop, intelligent robot, smart home, Internet of Things(IoT), Internet of Vehicles (IoV),LED lighting, 3C digital products, etc. significantly. We will launch more products and provide customers with more professional and comprehensive services. Slkor’s new optocoupler series (www.slkormicro.com) can completely replace the similar products from AVAGO, LITEON, FAIRCHILD, RENESA, VISHAY and ON. 6N136optocouplercan replace 6N136 and 6N136M of AVAGO and FAIRCHILD, 6N136 and 6N137optocouplerscan replace 6N136, 6N136M, 6N137 and 6N137 of AVAGO and FAIRCHILD.


Sakor Micro slkor utility model patent certificate for "a jig for forming and processing transistors"

Utility model patent certificate of Slkor’s A Moulding Processing Jig for Bipolar Junction Transistor


Slkor team will work harder to apply for an international high-tech enterprise this year. The invention patents created by the R&D team under Mr. Song’s leadership will surely support the company’s further development through technique, show Slkor’s strength as a domestic company in semiconductor industry, and make contribution to “China’s chips”!

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