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Relocation, Expansion and Upgrading of Slkor’s Intelligent Warehouse

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Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. (www.SlkorMicro.com) finished warehouse relocation and upgrading in June 2021. Slkor relocated and upgraded warehouse after considering both the area and storage capacity of original warehouse couldn’t meet requirements of the increasingly increasing product inventory and warehouse management personnel with constant growth of the company’s sales. 



Gate of Slkor’s Warehouse


The expanded and upgraded company warehouse will have lager area to meet the larger storage demand. It not only improves warehouse management personnel’s working efficiency but also makes product warehousing and ex-warehouse more accurate and rapid, and as a result, we could serve customers more efficiently. 



Slkor’s High-voltage MOS Field Effect Tube


Besides adopting Kingdee’s warehouse intelligent system, Slkor made intelligent upgrading for warehouse management system. With this set of intelligent system, warehouse product category, quantity, inventory inquiry, replenishment and shipment got clear at a glance and management was more efficient and rapid than previous traditional management mode. To respond to the dramatically increased market demand, Slkor improved its production capacity accordingly this year, which, furthermore, increased warehouse’s storage pressure. Therefore, intelligent system upgrading helps warehouse management a lot and is also the logistics guarantee of the company’s further production expansion.



Slkor’s Publicity Picture


Slkor’s warehouse stock includes the SiC devices such as high-voltage MOS tube, medium and low-voltage MOS field effect tube, Hall component, LDO, ESDprotective device, TVS (transient voltage suppressor) diode, Schottky diode, Schottky SiC MOS, COOLMOS (super junction field effect tube), diode and triode; multiple types of power station components applied to PDfast charge and solar PV and abundant supporting products. Product warehousing and ex-warehouse management will be improved obviously with the systematical management after warehouse upgrading.



Slkor’s Warehouse


With a strong focus on the vision of “becoming a leader in domestic power device industry”, Slkor was developed into a famous brandin power device industry gradually in these years. In light of the fast growth of sales, Slkor’s general manager Song Shiqiang, deputy general manager Zheng Zhangbiao and other senior management decided to relocate, expand and intelligently upgrade their warehouse, to lay a foundation for the company’s future development and brand internationalization. 


Kinghelm’s Product


Relocation and intelligent upgrading were also implemented for Kinghelm warehouse. Just as Slkor did, Kinghelm introduced Kingdee’s warehouse intelligent system to its warehouse, so as to realize efficient and rapid warehouse management and serve customers better. With original registration company of Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd., “Kinghelm” trademark has high popularity and reputation and the developedseries products could be widely found in such fields as satellite navigation &positioning, IoT, IoV and intelligent terminal of logistics network, mainly including:RJ45-RJ45 interface, connector, RF connector, patch cord, coaxial connector, type-c interface, type-cpin header, female header, SMA, fpc, FFC,water joint, hdmi-hdmi interface, USB connector, terminal, leadwire, terminal board, terminal block, connecting terminal row, RFID, navigation & positioning antenna, communications antenna, antenna connecting line, glue stick antenna, sucker antenna, 433antenna, 4G antenna, Beidou expert and GPS antenna. Factory direct sales.Spot goods are available for customers.

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