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Slkor Launched New Products of SCR Series

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             Technical experts of Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. are from Tsinghua University and Yonsei University, who master internationally advanced technologies of the 3rd generation semiconductor SiC power devices and the 5th generation ultra-fast recovery power diode technologies. Having developed from febless into a national hi-tech enterprise integrating design, R&D, production and sales service, Slkor has its brand increasingly remarkable in semiconductor industry and key points of industry chain have been domesticated. By seizing the opportunity of “domestication” of electronic components, Slkor is devoted to becoming a “leader in domestic semiconductor industry” under the leadership of general manager Song Shiqiang! 


Slkor’s SCR BTA41-800B


                    Slkor products are divided into three series: Various diodes and triodes (e.g. Schottky and fast recovery), power devices such as MOSFET, SCR (silicon controlled rectifier) and bridge rectifier and integrated circuits (e.g. power supply management chip). Mr. Song pays special attention to new product R&D and tries to enrich Slkor products increasingly. The new power devices (e.g. SCR and bridge rectifier) have quite good sales on WWW.SZLCSC.COM upon the launch. Slkor SL series of SCR products (BTA06-800B,BTA08-800B,BTA12-600B,BTA16-800B,BTA24-800B,BBTA26-800B,TA41-800B,BTA41-1200B,BT136S-800E,BT137S-800E,BT138S-800Eand BTA54C) are complete with broad coverage and could be widely applied to small intelligent household appliance, high-speed electric hair drier, dishwasher, electric toothbrush, hair curler, intelligent closestool and industrial control product. 



Slkor’s SCR BT261-800B


            Slkor performs well at offline client in both quality and reliability. SlkorTA41-800Bwasrecognized by customers after multiple rounds of client testing and comparison with ST (STMicroelectronics) BTA26-800BRG, SlkorBT138S-800E and WeEnBT138S-800E and is successfully selected to supply chain of such famous enterprises as PCBA and Johnson Electric!


                       Slkor’s models of products: MS1117-3.3,AMS1117-5.0,SS34,SS36,SS8050,SS8850,BTA54C,ll4148,SMAJ5.0A-13-F,SMAJ24A-13-F,MMBZ18VAL and ESDR0524P have quite good sales on WWW.SZLCSC.COM, some of which have become hot products. Power supply management chips SL4949, SL54620RHLR,SL6908D and SL2044 and battery management chip SL197-1that are about to be launched will also be initially sold on WWW.SZLCSC.COM. Slkor will launch more digital and analog integrated circuit products and provide more professional and comprehensive service through WWW.SZLCSC.COM.          



Slkor’s Battery Management Chip SL197-1


                    Besides displaying products and publicizing “Slkor” brand, official website of Slkor also carries out the activities such as technical exchange, idea discussion, information exchange and data inquiry and gradually becomes one of the most important platforms for coordinated development in semiconductor industry. With a strong focus on the corporate culture of “integrity”, “enhancement”, “toughness” and “detail”, Slkor highlights company ethics and advocates common development, collaboration and win-win. Keeping aggressive and advancing, Slkor pursues customer satisfaction and is devoted to contributing to domestic chip development and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!


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