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Siko Micro Semiconductor SLKOR helps the 10th Anniversary of the Creation Mall

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June 1-3, 2021 is a good day for the 10th anniversary of Lichuang Mall. Lichuang Mall and Saco Micro Semiconductor took the opportunity to start business linkage, including Saco Micro brand promotion, hot-selling product promotion, and the first order. Save 15 yuan off 16 yuan and other promotions. In this festive day, I would like to thank the vast number of users for their support and trust in the SLKOR brand of Sacco Microelectronics and Lichuang Mall!






In 2011, Lichuang Mall pioneered the establishment of an e-commerce platform for self-operated components. Now it has a spot sales scale of hundreds of thousands of components. In this year's extreme shortage of electronic components IC, it has continued to maintain 4 The ability of fast delivery within hours, and the stock inventory of Lichuang Mall has made great contributions to major electronic R&D companies. The Lichuang team is still making unremitting efforts!








Since Saco Micro Semiconductor settled in Lichuang Mall, it has achieved a qualitative leap from the initial small amount of orders to the current explosive growth. Especially in general-purpose diodes, M7, triode SS8050, diode A7, and TL431 are in short supply. Saco Micro's main product, silicon carbide MOS tube, silicon carbide SBD tube, and new products, Hall element sensors, are also available in Lichuang Mall. The platform finds a lot of end customers!






Shenzhen Salkormicro Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (www.slkormicro.com) has accumulated and struggled for many years in the Slkor Mall, and has grown with the growth of the Slkor Mall. At present, SLKOR products of SLKOR have high popularity, influence and reputation in power electronics. The sales of SLKOR's Hall elements, MOS transistors, ESD/TVS diodes, LDO and other products of SLKOR have become more and more popular in Lichuang Mall. explosive growth. Lichuang Mall and Sac Micro have always maintained a friendly cooperative relationship. Mr. Song Shiqiang, general manager of Sac Micro, participated in two online live broadcasts of Li Chuang Mall, promoting the slkor brand, and communicating with engineers registered online in Li Chuang Mall. The sales of slkor's power device products reached 50,000 yuan, which played a positive role in the penetration of Sakor!






There are as many as 500 products sold by Sac Micro Semiconductor in Lichuang Mall, and it is still increasing. There are more than 1 million electronic engineers registered online in Lichuang Mall, as well as the ability of fast delivery within 4 hours. Sakor Micro Semiconductor SLKOR (www.slkormicro.com) can provide direct and fast service for manufacturing customers on the platform of the standpoint mall. This year, components have provided huge help to the R&D department of electronic enterprises under the extremely short-stock market.





The SLKOR technology of Sacco Microelectronics originated from Busan, South Korea. With the transfer of the team and supply chain, it has gradually become a domestic alternative brand and a real well-known brand in the industry. SLKOR is determined to become the leader of power devices in China. The "SLKOR" brand was founded in 2005. From the initial SiC (Silicon Carbide) MOS, SBD single series of products, the Slkor brand has developed and developed for many years. Precipitation has now developed into a diversified comprehensive semiconductor brand. In addition to SiC products, Sac Micro also has COOLMOS, IGBT, high-voltage MOS, Schottky diodes and transistors, power management ICs, ESD/TVS, LDO, Hall Ho A full range of products such as Seoul sensor components.





The SLKOR products of Sacco Microsemiconductor have been widely used in various fields, and the demand for SLKOR products in various markets has also grown explosively. , TL431, A7, SOD-123FL,

M7, SMA, BTA16-800B, TO-220, SL27511, SOT-23, power management IC's LM358S, SOP-8 and other products are also available in 3C digital, power equipment, motor drives, inverters and other application markets In a tense situation, currently Sacco Microelectronics SLKOR is increasing its own production capacity, as far as possible to meet the normal supply of various series of products of Sacco Microsemiconductor SLKOR in Lichuang Mall, so that customers can obtain the required saco Microelectronics SLKOR products.




Mr. Song Shiqiang, general manager of Sacco Semiconductor, said that the development of Sacco Semiconductor must follow the trend of the times and take advantage of the trend, not only in Hall elements, diodes, ESD/TVS transient suppression diodes, LDOs and other products. Increase research and development and market promotion efforts, and also open up the situation in high-power MOS tubes, integrated circuits IC and other products, provide more cost-effective electronic component products for the majority of users, so that millions of electronic engineers can obtain more and more through the stand mall. Dossako Microsemiconductor SLKOR products.




slkor wishes Lichuang Mall to become better and better, to bring greater value to registered online electronic engineers, purchasers, suppliers and end customers, and to make greater contributions to the domestic replacement of electronic components!

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