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SLKOR employees participate in high emotional intelligence communication training to enhance the company's overall strength

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Talent cultivation is a priority that every company should attach great importance to, and the same is true for Shenzhen Slkormicro Semicon Co., Ltd. (www.slkormicro.com). From April 17th to 18th, Song Shiqiang, general manager of SLKOR, signed up for key employees and asked them to participate in the public welfare course "High Emotional Intelligence Communication - When Challenges Knock on the Door", which was taught by Lu Chunshui, a mentor of Rui Vocational College of Business, to help employees. We grew up. The training course was held in Shenzhen Huaqiangbei North Hotel. The training course involved the participation of sales personnel from more than 20 enterprises in Huaqiangbei.


The High Emotional Intelligence Communication Course is a set of authorized courses with international copyright. It is lectured by Lu Chunshui, the chief executive officer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) University in the United States, authorized by Lu Chunshui. Robert Dilts grew up in Silicon Valley, USA, and has served as a business consultant for Apple, BMW, Google, IBM and other Fortune 500 companies for many years. Instructor Lu Chunshui is an international PTT vocational trainer, an international NLP senior executive, and an international senior hypnotherapist. He uses the wisdom of applied psychology to awaken everyone's enthusiasm for work and life, and to deal with various challenges in communication. .


The problems mentioned in the course are also problems that our employees need to face on a daily basis. Challenges you encounter every day at work, such as no performance? Can't deliver? Customer complaints? The impact of uncertain factors such as price increases and delivery dates? Poor communication among colleagues, confrontation and conflict between departments, etc., these issues have greatly helped our Sacowei employees to better serve customers in their future work.


These are also more important to Slkor. Only by improving the overall strength of employees can the company go further. Slkor has always attached great importance to the introduction of talent training and going out ability.


slkor (www.slkormicro.com) aims to become an influential listed company in the domestic power device industry. The "slkor" brand silicon carbide SBD, silicon carbide MOS tube, IGBT single tube and other products are benchmarked against the internationally renowned brand CREE Cree, ST STMicroelectronics, ROHM, etc., in the comparison of technical parameters such as current, voltage, RON, QC, etc., individual data are better than their counterparts. Therefore, at this stage, the overall strength foundation must be solid. Talent is the foundation of a company, and the improvement of people's strength is the performance of the overall strength of the company.


The "SLKOR" brand was founded in 2005, specializing in the design, production and sales of power components. The technical backbone comes from Infineon, Mitsubishi, IR, TI Texas Instruments, ON Semiconductor and other leading technology companies in the industry, mainly producing MOS field effect transistors, COOLMOS, power management ICs, FRD, Hall components, SCR, IGBT single transistors , SiC silicon carbide components, etc. In 2010, it began to develop and produce the third-generation semiconductor silicon carbide SiC components, and its design, process and performance rank among the top in the world. SLKOR's MOS tubes are widely used in lithium battery protection boards, intelligent sweeping robots, TWS Bluetooth headsets, electronic cigarettes, outdoor lighting and other industries. Silicon carbide SiC devices are mainly used in the field of energy Internet. The application industries include charging piles, new energy vehicles, clean energy power generation, high-power switching power supplies and uninterruptible power supplies. They also have certain applications in the military and aerospace fields.


It is precisely because slkor has innate advantages and broad development prospects that talent training at this stage is particularly important. Instructor Lu Chunshui lectured on "High Emotional Intelligence Communication - When Challenges Come Knock on the Door", a savvy public welfare course, which is open to the public. it's time to. During the course, the teacher taught us to jump out of the problem, focus on our goals, and remind ourselves when problems arise, what do I want? What is my goal? These are of great help and inspiration for employees to face their customers and their future career development. This is a big boost in the growth of "SLKOR".

Song Shiqiang, general manager of SLKOR, and Zheng Zhangbiao, vice president of SLKOR, will continue to increase their efforts in talent training. Huaqiangbei is the largest market in the world with the largest trading volume of electronic components and the most complete hardware facilities, and it is the epitome of the Chinese consumer market. slkor is an enterprise from Huaqiangbei, with a strong "Huaqiangbei" plot. Always cherish Huaqiangbei, be grateful to Huaqiangbei, promote Huaqiangbei, and give back to Huaqiangbei when there is an opportunity. Here, we hope that you will have time to visit Huaqiangbei, to see the electronic components and the latest trendy electrical products in Huaqiangbei, to see the bustling flow of people and shuttle logistics in Huaqiangbei, to see the diligence and fighting spirit of Huaqiangbei people, to see Looking at the ecology of Huaqiangbei and the changes with the times, we will be full of confidence in our vast market and consumption potential in China!

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