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Publish heavy! Lichuang EDA professional version full offline client!

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I believe this moment, you and I have been waiting for too long. After several versions of public beta, the official version of professional client is finally released! Of course, it is still "free"!

Lichuang EDA will implement the free domestic PCB design tools to the end, and is determined to provide users with easy-to-use and efficient design tools!
Lichuang EDA Professional Client supports three operation modes.

  • "All-online mode" requires login. Both the library and the project exist in the cloud, which supports collaboration and automatic backup of the cloud project to the local area.

  • "Semi-offline mode" does not require login. Libraries and projects exist locally, so collaboration is not supported, and cloud system libraries are supported. This mode is recommended.

  • "Full offline mode" does not require login. Libraries and projects exist locally, so collaboration is not supported, and the use of cloud system libraries is not supported. Built-in 1w+ common system libraries.

# 启动界面 #

# 主界面 #


Installation guidelines

Client installation instructions

1) If the beta version has not been installed before, it can be installed directly;

2) If the beta version has been installed before, it is recommended to uninstall the old version before installing it to avoid cache impact;

3) Please make sure your computer has a graphics card, and a discrete graphics card is better;

4) Only 64-bit is supported, and XP system is not supported.

Download address

Windowshttps://image.lceda.cn/files/lceda-pro-windows-x64.exe"windows version" may have a white screen on the startup interface after installation due to system compatibility problems, which may not be loaded into the editor, or it may take a long time to load. If you encounter a white screen on the loading interface, please contact technical support, QQ: 800821856.Linuxhttps://image.lceda.cn/files/lceda-pro-linux-x64.zip"Linux version" please follow the instructions of the downloaded compressed package to install it.Mac version will be available later.

Activate file

Activate file free download address https://lceda.cn/page/desktop-client-activation


1) The activation file can be downloaded for free, without cracking, with genuine authorization, and can be downloaded after registration;

2) The activation file contains your account information, please do not disclose it to the public and keep it properly;3) The activation file cannot be modified, and the import cannot be activated after modification.

Set operation mode

After you activate the file, you can open the client interface. Click the "gear" icon in the upper right corner or the "settings" icon on the start page to set the running mode.

# Gear in the upper right corner #

# Start page setup button #

Operation mode description

Full-online mode: supports setting the online project backup path, and the editor will backup the project compressed package in this folder according to the set backup interval.Semi-offline mode/all-offline mode: support setting library paths and adding multiple library paths; Support setting the default storage path for new projects.

Or open a new project.

The newly created project file is an independent eprj file.

When opening, you can also select the eprj file to open it. You can double-click the eprj file to open the project directly.

You can also open the project in the project list on the left. Opening the client will automatically load all the projects under the project path, or you can right-click to refresh the project list.

Create catalog

Click the "New Catalog" button on the start page.Or click file > new > catalog in the top menu bar after opening the document.

After new, you can find it in the catalog list on the bottom left.

When creating new devices, symbols, packages, etc., you can choose to save them in your personal library.

Data directory description

Chuangeda Professional Client will create the data folder in Documents\LCEDA-Pro by default after installation. Please do not delete or modify the files in this directory to avoid errors.

Cache: data cache directoryDatabase: database directoryLibraries: the default library file directory. The system library lceda-std.elib and the storage directory of library files created by individuals.Online-projects-backup: in the default all-online mode, online projects automatically backup the zip file storage directory.Projects: the default project file storage directory. There is "project name _backup" folder in the directory, which is the storage directory of the backup zip file of this project.Reuse-blocks: the default storage directory of reusable block files.

right-click menu

You can operate the right-click menu on the start page.

Or after "Open Document", open the right-click menu at the text of the top menu bar.

  • Forward/backward: when other web pages are opened on the client, you can use this forward/backward to return to the previous page or the next page.Reload: Reload the current editor or page.Zoom in/out/reset/full screen: Scale the client interface size.New editor window: It is the same as clicking the logo in the upper left corner of the editor, so you can open multiple editors. When you open multiple editors, you can open different projects and copy and paste documents and components. Open the schematic diagram and PCB of the project separately (mutual positioning and data updating are not supported at present, but will be supported in V1.5)

  • Client Settings: Opens the client settings dialog box.

  • Developer: After opening, you can check the console console for errors. If the editor runs in error, you can send a screenshot of the error message (red content) of the console to technical support, and press F12 again to close the developer tool.

Turn on hardware acceleration.

Chuangeda Professional PCB uses GPU rendering. If the computer has a discrete graphics card, you can turn on GPU acceleration according to this tutorial. Otherwise, if the computer has dual graphics cards, the integrated graphics card will be used for rendering by default.

[Tutorial] Lichuang EDA Professional Edition turns on GPU acceleration

Known problems

1) The current version does not support 3D preview and export of 3D files in both semi-offline mode and full-offline mode. It is expected that V1.6 will support it. If you need to export the step file, please save the project locally, then import the online version, and then export the step file.

2) Multi-screen interaction is temporarily not supported, and mutual positioning and selection are required.

3) The detection update in the settings has not been implemented yet.

4) Maximize the regional offset in the upper right corner of 4)Linux version.
Client download address




Activate free download of files. https://lceda.cn/page/desktop-client-activation Online editor access https://pro.LCEDA.CN/editor

To sum up, you have learned how to use the client of Lichuang EDA Professional Edition. Please learn how to use the editor of Lichuang EDA Professional Edition for the rest ~

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