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Module protection-overheating protection

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      Module protection-overheat protection

Heat dissipation is an important factor that affects whether the module can work safely. Good heat dissipation conditions can not only ensure the reliable operation of the module, prevent the module from overheating and burning, but also improve the current output capacity of the module.
In use, when the heat dissipation conditions do not meet the specified requirements, such as room temperature exceeding 40℃, forced air cooling outlet wind speed less than 6m/s, etc. The rated current of the module should be reduced immediately, otherwise the module will be damaged due to the excessive allowable temperature of the chip junction. For example, according to the regulations, the air-cooled module should be used instead of self-cooling. The rated current should be reduced to 30-40% of the initial value; otherwise, if water cooling is used, the rated current can be increased by 30-40%.

Reference standard of heat dissipation effect: keep the temperature of the module bottom plate below 80℃: the simplest way is to install a 75℃ temperature switch on the surface of the radiator near the module.In practical application, the following points should be noted:

(1) The wind speed of axial fan should be ≥ 6m/s.

(2) If the module cannot work at full capacity, the length of the radiator can be reduced.

(3) Before starting the equipment, check whether all screws of the module are firm. If it is loose, tighten the screws so that the module bottom plate can be in close contact with the radiator surface and located between the module electrode and the terminal block to achieve the best heat dissipation effect.

(4) When natural cooling is adopted, the air around the radiator must naturally convect.

(5) As water cooling has good heat dissipation effect, water cooling should be preferred if there is water cooling condition.

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