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What are the applications in the principle of diode?

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What are the application fields of diode principle?

As we all know, diodes have unidirectional conduction characteristics and can be applied to these fields:
  1. rectification

Rectifiers are mainly used in rectifier circuits, that is, pulsating rectifier diodes that convert alternating current into direct current are all surface junction types, so the junction capacitance is large, which makes its working frequency lower, generally less than 3Hz.

2. Switch

Under the action of DC voltage, the diode has low resistance and is in a conducting state, which is equivalent to turning on the switch; Under the action of reverse voltage, the resistance is very large and it is in an off state, just like an off switch. By using the switching characteristics of diodes, various logic circuits can be formed.

3. Limiting

After the diode is turned on in the forward direction, its forward voltage drop is basically unchanged (0.7V for silicon tube and 0.3V for germanium tube). With this feature, as a limiting element in the circuit, the signal amplitude can be limited to a certain range.

4. Continuous flowIt plays a freewheeling role in the inductance of inductive loads such as switching power supply and relay.

5. DetectionThe main function of the detector diode is to detect the low-frequency signal in the high-frequency signal. Their structure is point contact type. Its junction capacitance is small and its working frequency is high, so it is generally made of germanium.

6. DampingDamping diodes are commonly used in high-frequency voltage circuits, which can withstand high reverse breakdown voltage and high peak current. They are commonly used in TV circuits, including 2CN1, 2CN2 and BSBS44.

7. DisplayUsed for VCD, DVD, calculator and other displays.

8. Stable voltageThis kind of tube is made of reverse breakdown characteristic of diode, and the voltage at both ends of the tube is basically kept constant in the circuit, which plays a role in stabilizing voltage. Commonly used voltage regulators are 2CW55, 2CW56, etc.

9. TriggerTrigger diode, also known as DIAC, is a symmetrical three-layer double-ended semiconductor device. Commonly used to trigger bidirectional thyristors; Used for overvoltage protection in circuits, etc.

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