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Precautions for Patch LED

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Precautions for SMD LED

Chip LED, also calLED chip led, is a simple lamp. Its luminous principle is that current flows through compound semiconductor, and excess energy will be released in the form of light through the combination of electrons and holes, thus achieving luminous effect.


  1. Clean, do not use unknown chemical liquid to clean the chip LED: unknown chemical liquid may damage the chip LED. When cleaning, immerse the SMD LED in alcohol and dry it at room temperature for less than 1 minute and less than 15 minutes before use.

2. Moisture-proof. In order to avoid moisture absorption of products during transportation and storage, SMD LEDs are packaged in moisture-proof aluminum packaging bags with desiccant and humidity card. Desiccant mainly controls the humidity in the packaging bag, and humidity card mainly monitors the humidity in the packaging bag.

3. The storage bag is sealed and the storage temperature is lower than 40℃.

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