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New darling of car electronics, a new step into the motor drive IC TB9120Aftg

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Automobile is an important means of transportation. With the improvement of living standards, more and more people choose to buy automobiles. Among the top 10 in the list of the world's top 500, enterprises related to automobiles and energy occupy 8 seats, which is enough to show that the automobile industry plays an important role in the market. With the improvement of the concept of environmental protection, major automobile companies have invested a lot of money in the research and development of electric vehicles with lower pollution on the basis of traditional fuel vehicles to solve the problem of resource shortage. Facing the growing automobile market, Toshiba introduced the constant-current 2-phase stepping motor driver IC-TB 9120 AFTG.

TB9120AFTG was developed to replace the first on-board stepping motor driver IC "TB9120FTG" introduced by Toshiba in 2019. TB9120AFTG has more excellent anti-noise performance and is fully compatible with the previous generation "TB9120FTG". It has a large working voltage range of 7V-18V, and the maximum output current is 1.5A Only a simple clock input interface can be used to output sine wave current to drive the stepping motor to rotate, without advanced MCU or special software.

Among all the models of family cars, whether it's a relatively economical compact model or a larger SUV or MPV, their internal space is precious. How to keep the internal space of the vehicle as large as possible without affecting the performance of the vehicle is one of the difficult problems faced by engineers. After all, for many buyers, the interior space of the car is also an important factor that affects their desire to buy, while the air conditioning system, HUD, automatic air intake grille, electric doors and windows on the car all need to use stepping motors without exception. The biggest advantage of TB9120AFTG is its high integration and small volume, which is a great help to save the interior space of the car.

Tb9120atg ajin
  • Equipped with DMOS FET with low on-resistance (upper leg+lower leg = 0.8Ω (typical)), the maximum achievable output current is 1.5A

  • Built-in error detection and alarm signal output functions: overcurrent detection, overheat protection and load open circuit detection.

  • Solderable flank VQFN package (6mm× 6mm), providing excellent solderability.

  • Operating temperature range: -40℃ to 125℃.

  • Meet AEC-Q100 certification.

  • Micro-step drive, which can support up to 1/32nd step.

  • Stall detection function.    

TB9120AFTG is packaged in VQFN28, and its volume is only 6.0mm× 6.0mm× 1.0mm, VQFN package makes TB9120AFTG have excellent weldability, which can ensure the normal welding under automatic optical inspection. The rated output voltage of the chip is 40V, and the maximum output current is 1.5A TB9120AFTG chip integrates double H bridges, and the peripheral circuit design is very simple, which helps to reduce the cost, reduce the component size and improve the flexibility of circuit board design. In addition, TB9120AFTG meets the strict AEC-Q100 test requirements, and can work at the temperature of -40℃ to 125℃. Moreover, the motor drive IC has more excellent noise resistance and better reliability, which is very suitable for the automotive electronics industry.

TB9120AFTG common functions  

一、Micro-step drive, up to 1/32 step.

1、With the configuration of pin DMODE0-DMODE2, eight different modes can be configured, with the maximum configuration of 1/32nd step, which can effectively reduce the noise of the motor and make the motor control smoother and more accurate, so that the automotive electronic engineer can control the motor with his arm and his finger, and achieve the purpose of quick mastery.

2. Only a simple clock input interface is used, and the CW/CCW pin controls the forward and reverse rotation. The input clock can drive the stepping motor to rotate, and the constant-current PWM control signal can be output without advanced MCU or special software, which can greatly reduce the burden of MCU and improve the stability and response speed of the whole automobile electronic system.

二、Stall detection and anomaly detection functions

1、Output stall detection signal after stall is detected from SD pin.

2. After over-temperature, over-current and open load are detected from the DIAG pin, the abnormal detection signal is output.

3. After the main controller detects the stall signal or abnormal detection signal, it can handle it at the speed of ms, so as to avoid equipment damage and accidents.


The universal stepping motor drive circuit can drive the mirror adjustment of HUD head-up display projection position, the refrigerant circuit expansion valve for automobile air conditioning and battery management system, etc.

HUD (Heads-up Display) is a very popular technology in recent years. It can display important driving information, such as speed, navigation, and information inside the car, right in front of the driver, so that the driver can see the information as far as possible without looking down or turning his head, thus avoiding the driver looking left and right while driving. The advanced HUD can directly project the image on the front glass of the car, which is high-grade and atmospheric. However, in order to achieve a good projection effect, accurate position calibration is required during projection. TB9120AFTG stepper motor driver IC meets AEC-Q100 test requirements, supports 1/32 step fine adjustment, and can project HUD to achieve a good visual effect.

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