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The shipment exceeds 600 million pieces, GD32 MCU empower motor driver intelligent solution

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Happy news! The cumulative shipment of GD32 MCU has officially exceeded 600 million! I still remember that at the end of 2020, we officially announced the good news of "500 million shipments". In just a few months, GD32 MCU reached the "small goal" of new shipments of 100 million, and became one of the chip companies that took the lead in restoring orderly supply of production capacity under the environment of capacity shortage.

With the development of MCU technology, the motor control scheme is driven to upgrade with lower cost and higher efficiency. As the leader of MCU industry, Zhaoyi Innovation was invited to participate in the "2021 Seminar on Brushless DC Motor Control Technology" sponsored by electronic technology media < Electronic Enthusiasts > a few days ago. Chen Qi, the product marketing manager, attended the scene and shared Zhaoyi Innovation's multi-directional motor control scheme and one-stop GD32 MCU development environment with more than 100 developers and industry professionals on the spot, helping small partners to develop easily!



Chen Qi, Marketing Manager of Zhaoyi Innovative Products, gave a speech at the scene.

Based on GD32 MCU,Create an innovative product portfolio of motor control

How to choose the most suitable MCU for motor control applications? Don't worry, Zhaoyi Innovation has a rich and complete set of 26 MCU product lines. Whether it's cost sensitive, mainstream demand, or strong computing power demand for different motor control applications, Zhaoyi Innovation has corresponding MCU products to support it. Therefore, based on GD32 MCU, end customers can easily create various products from high-end to entry-level level and reuse development experience, which greatly improves the efficiency of development, and then accelerates the product to market.



pictureRich GD32 MCU can meet the needs of various motor control applications.

Take the latest GD32E507 as an example, which is a high-precision real-time industrial control MCU based on Arm&reg; Cortex&reg; Dual-core design of -M33 and trigonometric function arithmetic unit (TMU), built by TSMC's low-power 40nm embedded flash memory technology, Cortex&reg; -M33 processor has a maximum frequency of 180MHz, built-in hardware multiplier/divider, complete DSP instruction set and single-precision floating-point arithmetic unit (FPU). Among them, the brand-new hardware trigonometric function arithmetic unit (TMU) can be described as the "artifact" of motor control application. It has high-efficiency processing ability for trigonometric function, arctangent, square root, common logarithm and other operations, can control two BLDC/PMSM motors at the same time, supports a variety of sensorless algorithms, and becomes the first choice for motor applications with "strong computing power demand"! GD32E507 series products also support 3-way CAN, Ethernet, high-speed USB and other real-time communication interfaces to meet the demand of industrial control applications for real-time communication.

At the same time, Zhaoyi Innovation continues to expand more products of motor control systems. Take GD30DRV8306 as an example, which is a three-phase MOSFET driving IC with a built-in Charge pump. It has a working voltage range of 4.5V-30V, a gate driving current with a peak source current of 1.2A and a leakage current of 1A. The innovative product portfolio with GD32 series MCU has obvious advantages such as high integration (three-phase drive +DC/DC controller +Charge pump) and easy use (motor control reference design+development board code), which can realize the design with lower BOM cost, higher performance, smaller PCB area and easier production. It is suitable for a wide range of motor control applications such as airplane model electronic governor, vacuum cleaner, sweeping robot and power tool.



pictureThe innovative product combination of GD32 MCU and GD30 driver IC realizes high-efficiency motor drive.

At present, the application of motor control based on GD32 MCU has been put into commercial use in various terminals such as service robots, smart home appliances, refrigeration compressors, balance cars, electric tools, industrial servo motors, etc., which has enabled many industry innovations.


The industry's first RISC-V core 32-bit general purpose MCU,Adapt to the requirements of open source architecture

Megainnovation GD32 series is the largest Arm&reg; in China. Cortex&reg; -M MCU family. On the deep technical accumulation, Zhaoyi Innovation launched the world's first open source instruction set architecture RISC-V core 32-bit general purpose MCU product-GD32VF103 series in 2019. The RISC-V MCU series provides the operation frequency of 108MHz, on-chip flash memory of 16KB to 128KB and SRAM cache of 6KB to 32KB, gFlash&reg; The patent technology supports many advantages such as kernel access to flash memory, high speed and zero waiting.

Facing the demand of open source architecture, GD32VF103 series RISC-V MCU can provide innovative solutions in industrial control, consumer electronics, emerging IoT, edge computing, artificial intelligence and a series of vertical market applications, and provide professional and flexible technical support and delivery services for users all over the world.


GD32 MCU Development Environment in One Stop

Besides the innovative product portfolio, Zhaoyi Innovation also provides a one-stop GD32 development ecological environment for the majority of developers. For example, the development kit, Zhaoyi Innovation has introduced different types of GD32 MCU full-function development boards and minimum system boards, which developers can choose according to their own needs.

Among them, GD32 MCU full-function development board supports full-function evaluation of MCU peripherals, including IO interface, external memory bus and LCD, etc. The board supports GD-link, and all available pins are led out by pins, which is convenient for verification and testing. The minimum system board of GD32 MCU is an entry-level development kit. All available pins are led out by pins, which is convenient for verification and testing. It supports onboard GD-link, and can also be connected with other emulators, and supports Arduino compatible interfaces.


pictureSMPS application development board based on GD32E503C

Chen Qi said that GD32 MCU supports rich mainstream development environments, simulators and programming device, covering a complete tool chain and development ecology from chips to software SDK and development kits, and is committed to providing perfect services and support for developers and customers, and constantly promoting the pace of industrial upgrading.

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