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Slkor Was Invited to JiWei Semiconductor Summit

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June 25 and 26 witnessed the 5th JiWei Semiconductor Summit that China Semiconductor Investment Alliance (CSIA) and Mobile Phone China Alliance (www.laoyaoba.com) sponsored was grandly held in Haicang, Xiamen. Organized by Ijiwei and Xiamen Semiconductor Investment Group, the summit was themed with “Together We Lead the Change”. GM Song Shiqiang and deputy GM Zheng Zhangbiao of Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. (www.slkormicro.com) were invited to the summit. 



Slkor’s General Manager Song Shiqiang in JiWei Semiconductor Summit


As one of very influential industry summits, JiWei Semiconductor Summit attracted nearly 2,000 leaders and elites in semiconductor and capital fields. The leaders and experts, such as Lin Wensheng, member of Standing Committee of the CPC Xiamen Municipal Committee, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Xiamen Haicang Taiwanese Investment Zone and secretary of the Haicang District Party Committee, Yang Xudong, deputy director of MIIT Electronic Information Department, Dai Guoqiang, institute director of Ministry of Science and Technology, Ding Wenwu, president of National Integrated Circuit Industry Investment Fund Co., Ltd. (China's Big Fund), and Xu Hongxing, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, were invited to the meeting and delivered speeches there.




 As mentioned by Secretary Lin Wensheng of the Haicang District Party Committee, JiWei Semiconductor Summit has become one of the most well-known and influential industry summits in China and even the indicator of domestic semiconductor industry development. The summit was very significant under the current situations of global chip shortage and fierce Sino-US economic and technological competition.



Speech delivered by Lin Wensheng


The summit was divided into three parts: Policy summit (14 competitive industry parks discussed industrial upgrading), analysts’ conference (12 top analysts analyzed global semiconductor competition pattern and development of China’s integrated circuit industry) and excellent chip project selection (17 excellent projects were selected to be implemented vigorously). Particularly, multiple leaders analyzed development difficulties of China’s integrated circuit industry and significance of breakthrough in core technologies in the summit on June 26.




Lin Wensheng pointed out, “This year coincides with the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC. We have different goals and missions in different generations. General Secretary Xi always emphasizes ‘technologies can't be bought or bargained for!’ Self-reliance and self-improvement in science and technology is the strategic support for national development and it is needed to achieve breakthroughs in core technologies in key fields oriented to industrial weak links.” Ding Wenwu further emphasized, “The industry is facing unprecedented challenges under current complicated situation of semiconductor industry. But Chinese semiconductor industry should stick to self-reliance and self-improvement exactly under such challenges.”



Performance in Semiconductor Alumni Association forum of Tsinghua University


After the summit, Slkor’s general manager Mr. Song attended Semiconductor Alumni Association Forum of Tsinghua University and participated in discussion with respect to the current issues such as development of global semiconductor industry and essence of China-US Trade War (technological competition).


Speech about Sino-US Trade War by Professor Wei Shaojun from Institute of Microelectronics, Tsinghua University



JiWei Semiconductor Summit has been held for five times. The summit has become a communication and exchange stage of experts and entrepreneurs in semiconductor industry and the platform for discovering opportunity and promotion cooperation. As Mr. Song said after the event, we obtain a lot through this summit. The trip to Xiamen is of profound significance to Slkor’s further development and internationalization, which broadens our horizon for establishing Slkor semiconductor ecosphere and makes us understand global semiconductor development trend fully.



Professor Wei Shaojun Said, “China Is the Largest Market of the US’s Semiconductor Industry


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