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SLKOR MOSFET and Zhaoyi Innovation MCU design solution (3)

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       Scheme design of DC variable frequency hot water circulating pump based on GD32E230C8


The hot water circulation pump is a device that circulates the cold water retained in the home pipeline to the heat supply system for reheating, and then delivers the hot water to all the hot water pipes in turn. The hot water circulation pump realizes that the hot water can be used immediately without waiting, which greatly improves the comfort of domestic hot water. At the same time, the preheating cycle technology of the domestic hot water circulating pump avoids the unwarranted waste of cold water in the pipeline in the traditional water heater, and saves a lot of domestic water. It is a must-have product for modern high-end home life.

Program introduction

The DC variable frequency hot water circulating pump controller series scheme designed by GD32E230C8T6 is adopted, and the GD32E230C8T6 chip is used as the main control. Provides 110V and 220V power supply modes, adopts sine wave vector control algorithm, has the characteristics of fast and stable startup, less chopper, high carrier frequency, low noise, low temperature rise, and stable power control. It has passed 3C, CE, GS with the whole machine. Certification.

Program Features

◆ Using the latest value-for-money Arm Cortex-M23@72MHz core

◆ Quickly find the rotor position and realize 500ms quick start

◆ Less chopper control, lower temperature rise

◆ High carrier frequency reduces noise

◆ Speed intelligent control

◆ With maximum power operation limit function

◆ Multiple operating modes

Scheme parameters

◆ Working power: AC220V±20%, 50/60Hz, AC110V±20%, 50/60Hz

◆ Input power: 9W, 45W, 52W, 130W, 140W, 180W, 270W, 400W, 550W, 600W

◆ Drive mode: sine wave drive

◆ Lift: 3m, 4m, 5m, 6m, 8m, 10m, 11m, 12m

◆ Speed range: The pump automatically generates the speed according to the change of flow pressure

◆ Running acceleration: max 4000rpm/s

◆ Safety performance: comply with GB4706.1, GB4706.32 or IECEN60335-1, IECEN60335-2-40E

◆ EMC performance: conform to GB4343.1, GB4343.2 CISPR14-1, CISPR14-2, EN55014-1, EN55014-2

System block diagram and main control MCU circuit introduction

The main control MCU adopts the GD32E230C8T6 chip, which uses Arm's latest Cortex-M23 core with a main frequency of up to 72MHz, equipped with 64KB of embedded flash memory and 8KB of SRAM, with built-in hardware multipliers, dividers and acceleration units. The working performance at the highest frequency can reach 55DMIPS, and the CoreMark test can reach 154 points. Compared with similar Cortex-M0 products in the market, the code execution efficiency at the same main frequency is increased by 40%, and compared with Cortex-M0+ products, it is also increased by more than 30%.

The chip integrates a 16-bit advanced timer that supports three-phase pulse width modulation PWM output and Hall acquisition interface, and up to five 16-bit general-purpose timers, a 16-bit basic timer, and a high-speed rail-to-rail. Input/output analog voltage comparator, 1 high-performance ADC with 12-bit 2.6M SPS sampling rate. Suitable for a variety of motor control and frequency conversion applications.

GD32E230 series MCU main specifications

◆ Cortex-M23@72MHz, 55 MIPS processing performance;

◆ Flash: 64KB/32KB/16KB;

◆ SRAM: 8KB/6KB/4KB;

◆ High-speed and high-precision ADC, 12Bits ADCx1@2.6Msps, 10 channels;

◆ Advanced timer x1, which can generate 6 complementary PWM outputs with adjustable dead zone;

◆ Universal timer x5;

◆ Flash with hardware encryption protection;

◆ Various serial communication methods: I2C x2, SPI x2, UART x2;

◆Rich package types: TSSOP20/LGA20


◆ Power supply voltage: 1.8V~3.6V

◆ Industrial-grade working temperature range: -40℃~+85℃;

◆ Industrial-grade ESD characteristics: 6000 Volt

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