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Slkor’s Domestic Substitute Products of Electronic Components Sell Like Hot Cakes

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        After stepping into 2021, balance of semiconductor industry chain is broken seriously with fiercer US-China Strategic Rivalry, out-of-control COVID-19 pandemic abroad and diverse unexcepted natural and man-made disasters. Domestic products (e.g. Slkor) have the opportunity to replace European and American products under the frequent stockout and price rise of electronic components. The electronic components (e.g. Hall switching component, MOS field effect tube, ESD TVS tube, LDO, Schottky diode, universal diode and triode, IGBT single tube and power management IC) that Slkor develops, produces and sells grab market shares and usher in a historical development opportunity.


To open up domestic market and replace foreign products rapidly and alleviate chip shortage of electronic components in the first half of year, Slkor developed a series of general electronic material, such as AMS1117-3.3V, AMS117-5.0V, SS8050, M7, SS34, SS210, S8050, BCP56-56, SS310, SL2302S, 1N4148, LM358, SMBJ5.0A, BSS138, SM4007, A7, SL2301S, SS54, SS14, 2N7002, SL3904, sl3401 and uln2803, which not only got great success in offline sales but also were highly welcomed on suchlarge e-commerce platforms as www.szlcsc.com, www.hqew.com, www.dgic2010.1688.com, JD, www.ickey.cn and www.ichunt.com. It also promoted the company’s brand penetration and product sales. 



Slkor’s Employee Is Introducing Slkors High-Voltage MOS


Besides, Slkor (www.slkormicro.com) launched the hot models (SL1613TH, SL1613TL, SL1623TH and SL1623SH) of electronic components that are applicable to TWS Bluetooth headset and Hall switching sensor for motor control. In particular, SL1623TH can replace MST MH254EST, SL1613SH can replace MagnTek MT829X, SL1613TH can replace Angsemi AS1910 & AS1510, MST can replace MST MH254EST, SL1613TL can replace Guangda SDC1217& SDC1211 and SL1623SH can replace MagnTek MT829X.


Slkors Hall Switching Sensor sl1613-th

   Slkor Hall switching sensor is applicable to the Bluetooth headset two brands below: AirPods, Huawei, Rambler, Anker, Astrotec, AWEI, B&O, MIUI and Samsung, covering the solution providers such as CSR, BES, Airoha of MTK, Actions, REALTEK, AMS, Jieli and Blueturn. 


Slkor’s Employees Visit Factory End Customer


To expand network influence of “Slkor” brand, Slkor has cooperated with Baidu Keyword Bidding System, 360 Promotions and Sogou Promotion in depth, to generalize series of products of Slkor and Kinghelm vigorously. We also have established cooperative relationship with suche-commerce platforms as www.szslxkj.ic.net.cn, www.elecfans.com, http://www.hqchip.com, www.allchips.com, www.iceasy.com and www.oneyac.ic37.com and established special stores on https://b2b.baidu.com, www.hqchip.com and www.znlerp.com.



Slkors Hot Product – TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressor) Diode


As pointed out by Slkor’s general manager Song Siqiang, through the remarkable development, Slkor(www.slkormicro.com)’s electronic components (e.g. Hall component, MOS field effect tube, ESD/TVS, LDO, Schottky diode, universal diode and triode, IGBT single tube and power management IC) grabbed market shares and AMS1117-3.3V, AMS117-5.0V, SS8050, M7, SMBJ5.0A and BSS138 turned into the hot material in Chinese market, which, furthermore, made Slkor become a truly famous brand. We will keep trying, to make Slkor go international and win honor for the country.

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