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Passionate Slkor Staff Enjoys Themselves at Double-Moon Bay" 2021 Summer Team Building Activity Concluded Successfully

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ShenZhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. (www.slkormicro.com) held a two-day 2021 summer team building activity on July 23-24, 2021 at Double-moon Bay, a national 4A scenic area. The activity includes off-road vehicle experience, kayaking, and sea fishing, which is a golden chance not only for extending gratitude for the hard-working team members but also for mobilizing the passion of the whole team and cultivating teamwork spirit through a series of activities.





Slkor’s 2021 Summer Team Building Activity


 Both off-road vehicle experience and kayak required teamwork of two persons at the same time, so as to enhance teamwork spirit, besides improving communication and understanding between members. The activity above also helps enhance cooperation in work. In particular, for new members joining Slkor, this is truly a good opportunity to enhance their collaboration with senior staff.


萨科微SLKOR团队越野车体验 萨科微SLKOR团队双人皮划艇

Slkor’s off-road vehicle experience and pair kayaking


After enjoying off-road programs fully, the Slkor team checked in a 4-star hotel (Microhouse Hotel) in Double-moon Bay, where they enjoyed seafood dinner and evening BBQ. The party is a typical way to enhance mutual understandings. All team members could not only appreciate the local cuisine of Double-moon Bay but also improve their mutual communication and understandings. Listening to the waves, feeling gentle sea wind and appreciating the beautiful night scenery, all members worked together with BBQ, and set off fireworks wholeheartedly to get rid of all work pressures and fatigues.


萨科微SLKOR海鲜盛宴  SLKOR萨科微海边放烟花夜景

Slkor’s seafood dinner and fireworks at night


 On the second day, the Slkor team went out for fishing after enjoying the beautiful sunrise over the sea. All team members experienced the fun of fishing by themselves, besides appreciating the special sea scenery, so as to relax themselves fully. While wandering on the vast sea surface with comfortable breeze and light sea smell, all members could fully relax themselves. The activity above is surely an optimal choice to relax in summer.


萨科微SLKOR团队出海自己动手捕鱼 萨科微SLKOR团队分拣自己打捞上来的海鲜

Slkor team goes fishing on the sea


 Team building is a typical chance of enhancing communication and understanding. Slkor arranges various team building activities irregularly in order to enhance mutual understandings among members and relax themselves. Song Shiqiang, General Manager of Slkor, who has always emphasized human-based management, lays special emphasis on activities for enhancing mutual understandings such as team building. As said by Mr. Song, the company would organize another team building activity in Jiuzhaigou Valley, Sichuan at the end of 2021 to improve staff’s working efficiency and relax themselves.


萨科微SLKOR团队成员欣赏美丽的海边日出 萨科微SLKOR团队成员欣赏海边美丽的日出

Slkor team members appreciate the beautiful sunrise by the sea


 Slkor is mainly specialized in SiC devices such as MOS tube field effect tube, Hall components, IGBT single tube, Schottky diode, TVS transient suppression diode, LDO, diode, triode, etc. In virtue of technology introduced from Busan, Korea, and the company has grown to a well-known brand implementing “domestication” policy in semiconductor industry. Slkor’s further development cannot be separated from its high-quality products that are very popular among customers and Song Shiqiang’s idea of human-based management and team culture. The company’s development from a team of a few members at the beginning to the powerful team at present is closely related to Mr. Song's team culture building idea. Irregular team building activities could enhance mutual understandings among team members.


Pair kayaking of team members at seaside


Slkor is able to produce excellent semiconductor power devices and has fostered a passionate team with fighting spirit. The company has intensified its corporate culture and brand building such as team building and training, which will enable it to take a lead in power device semiconductor industry in the future so as to sell Slkor’s SiC devices such as MOS tube field effect tube, Hall components, IGBT single tube, Schottky diode, TVS transient suppression diode, LDO, diode, triode to the rest of the world.

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