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Slkor’s Second-Round Recruitment In Summer

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Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Slkor”, “the Company” or “we”) is an enterprise specialized in power component design, production and sales, which stepped in the R&D field in 2005 and has technologies from Busan, Korea. With the trend of “domestication” in Chinese semiconductor industry, the Company has achieved the domestic transfer of the whole industry chain under the favorable drive of general manager Song Shiqiangand is devoted to becoming “a leader in domestic power device industry”. 

The vibrant, clean and bright front desk of Sako Micro 

Vibrant, Clean and Bright Reception hall of Slkor


Mr. Song ever acted as CEO of a Hong Kong-owned real estate listed company, researcher of the Economic Development Center of the State Council and science columnist. The Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd. (www.BDS666.com) which he invests in is a leading enterprise in both technology and development in HDMI data transmission interface industry for type-c interface of Beidou GPS Antenna connector and develops a situation of double-wheel drive and steady development together with Slkor. In the semiconductor industry, one of the most promising industries, Slkor is popular among capital from all walks of life and has become a substantial investment in capital circle of Tsinghua University.


Slkor (www.slkormicro.com) focuses on R&D, production and sales of series of electronic components of Slkor brand, such as low-voltage MOS tube, high-voltage MOS tube, MOS field effect tube, COOLMOS, power supply management IC, FRD, chinamos, Hall component, SCR, IGBT single tube, SiC and GaN. In 2010, the Company began to develop the third generation semiconductor SiC and GaN components, with IP design, production process and technical performance leading in the world.


Slkor saw its business volume keeping an ultrahigh growth of 50% every quarter in recent two years and entered the stage of rapid development. With high-grade clean and elegant office environment and fair, transparent and positive cultural atmosphere, Slkor could provide the development platform of learning, exchange and improvement and self-struggle channel of promotion and salary increase for employees. We will grant employees competitive compensation and performance commission and even shares of Slkor and Kinghelm. Employees holding shares could obtain Slkor (www.slkormicro.com)’syear-end profit dividends and option honor after listing (if any).


The sketch ornaments of Saco Micro's success and progress 

An Encouraging Horse Ornament in Slkor



Welcome to the family of Slkor! Let’s build a better future together, share the huge wealth in the process from listing to profit making and sold our electronic components all over the world!


Following  positions  are  now  open:


1. General Manager Assistant

Post description: Assist general manager in survey and research, learn Slkor’s operation and management status and put forward opinions or suggestion for general manager’s decision. Take charge of the reception and investigation for leaders of government agency or customer organization, assist general manager in establishing the favorable cooperative relationship with external departments (e.g. electronic component peer, supplier and government agency) and receive company guests

35 years old or above, female, bachelor degree or above, well-shaped figure and decorous appearance and specialty related to law, secretary, archival management, public relations, administrative management and enterprise management. Excellent writing and reading abilities and solid computer and English foundation. Those familiar with electronic component field shall be preferred.


The clean and standardized office environment of Saco Micro 

Slkors clean and standard office


2. Data Entry Clerk

Post description: Enter customer information, supplier information, information about all kinds of agents and commodity archives to Kingdee Cloud and Landray OA systems accurately and entirely.

25 years old or above, female, college degree or above and relevant data entry experience of more than one year. Enter Slkor series of electronic components, such as low-voltage MOS tube, high-voltage MOS tube, MOS field effect tube, COOLMOS, power supply management IC, FRD, chinamos, Hall component, SCR, IGBT single tube, SiC and GaN, and improve product information entry.

3. Big data Analysis Engineer

Post description: Make in-depth diagnostic combinatorial analysis, mining and profound analysis for Slkor’s multiple types of source data by data analysis means and provide suggestions by analyzing potential business opportunity. Analyze customer group oriented to data at Slkor brand sales client, to learn customer requirements and offer data support. Operate Kingdee Cloud and Landray OA systems skillfully.

Bachelor degree or above, specialty related to mathematics, statistics or computer and relevant work experience of more than one year; outgoing and highly sensitive to data; able to extract core result from mass data; those with rich work experience of data analysis shall be preferred. Strong ability to work under pressure and abilities of communication and logic thinking and independent project analysis and research. Able to study and analyze market and sales data of Slkor series of electronic components, such as low-voltage MOS tube, high-voltage MOS tube, GaN component, MOS field effect tube, COOLMOS, power supply management IC, FRD, chinamos, Hall component, SCR, IGBT single tube and SiC, coordinate with Business Department to offer data support and help Business Department optimize operation service.



4. System Engineer

Post description: Guide and execute the implementation and management of system integration project, finish design and making of system scheme and take charge of verification of the scheme, including the specific work such as networking scheme, IP planning and equipment type selection; study project implementation feasibility and get familiar with Kingdee Cloud and Landray OA systems.

Male, specialty related to communications and computer, college degree or above and relevant work experience of more than two years; open personality and outgoing and hard-working; favorable practical experience of system integration and preparation ability of solution and technical scheme; acquire proficiency in planning, configuration and commissioning of server, switch and router, storage and backup system and network security product. Take charge of the steady operation of computer system of project customers such as Slkor GaN field effect MOS tube, COOLMOS and power supply management IC and manage the equipment such as PC,OA equipment, LAN/WAN and phone system. Those familiar with electronic device power shall be preferred.


5. Manager of Planning Department

Post description: Take charge of the Company (www.slkormicro.com)’s brand construction and formulate brand development plan. Establish Slkor brand operation guideline, integrate resources and realize brand improvement and maintenance; formulate complete publicity and planning scheme and advertising plan and create Slkor media communication channel.

Specialty related to marketing or economic management and college degree or above. Those with work experience of electronic industry shall be preferred. More than two years of experience at equal position and the definite cognition and understanding on brand and market planning. Strong copywriting ability and able to sort out all kinds of documents and reports. Take charge of marketing and implementation of annual marketing and promotion scheme of Slkor series of electronic components, such as low-voltage MOS tube, high-voltage MOS tube, MOS field effect tube, COOLMOS, power supply management IC, FRD, chinamos, Hall component, SCR, IGBT single tube and SiC, and participate in electronic industry exhibition; formulate marketing plan and scheme and assist sales system in realizing sales plan.




6Marketing Planner

Post description: Write market beautification scheme for Slkor brand promotion, write and prepare advertising scheme and organize implementation and monitoring effectively. Provide advertising planning quotation of Slkor product and material and market dynamics data and sort and archive them by classification.

Specialty related to marketing planning and college degree or above; experience in electronic industry and marking work and sufficient understanding and execution for marketing planning scheme of brand building project. Those familiar with electronic component industry and enjoying solid operation and management experience and practical marketing experience shall be preferred. Take charge of market information and data of Slkor series of products, such as low-voltage MOS tube, high-voltage MOS tube, MOS field effect tube, COOLMOS, power supply management IC, FRD, chinamos, Hall component, SCR, IGBT single tube and SiC tube, establish and gradually improve management of information database, acquire the latest market sales information and provide favorable basis for Market Planning & Sales Department.  



7. Market Promotion and Planning Specialist

Post description :Take charge of Slkor website and the network promotion of Slkor products, determine website promotion task according to the Company’s overall market strategy and website characteristics and evaluate and analyze key words of website; improve website ranking and improve website popularity through multiple forms of technologies.

Specialty related to editing, publishing, news or Chinese and college degree or above; proficiency in network marketing channel and rich network promotion experience; good at utilizing multiple network promotion means to generalize the products such as Slkor low-voltage MOS tube, high-voltage MOS tube, MOS field effect tube, COOLMOS, power supply management IC, FRD, chinamos, Hall component, SCR, IGBT single tube, IPM and SiC device by the means such as BBS, QQ group, blogs, advertorial, community outreach, yelp.com and Baidu Q&A platform.

Focused on the businesses such as MOS field effect tube, LDO power supply management IC, AC/DC, SiC MOS tube, IGBT, silicon controlled rectifier (SCR), ESD diode, TVS diode, Hall component, Schottky diode and triode, Slkor,together with Kinghelm (www.BDS666.com), provides quality products and amicable services for customers. In particular, Kinghelm provides the products such as connecting line of Beidou BDS/GPS antenna, WIFI antenna and Small Pepper antenna, connector for KH series of SMA terminal, SMB, SMA, IPEX seat connector, connecting line of microwave RF antenna, connector for TPYE-C interface data transmission, seat connector of female header and pin header, HDMI interface of 3C digital product and VGA interface for data transmission. The products could be widely found in such fields as bds666 satellite positioning and navigation, military navigation and positioning, IoT and IoV signal connection, smart city, new infrastructure construction, NEV and logistics information monitoring and settlement.


Welcome to recommend business elite to us! You will obtain our gratitude fee of RMB 1,000 upon the formal employment. It would be appreciated if you forward the recruitment information.

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