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Year-end Summary Highlights of Slkor’s Employees

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Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. developed rapidly in 2021, with sales amount growing by more than 30% on a quarterly basis. The remarkable achievement should be attributed to our employees’ efforts in overcoming various difficulties. All employees have made comprehensive summary on the past 2021 and shown their work vision for 2022. Below are pictures about some goods ideas and PPTs.


Featured Picture for Summary of Sales Director He Junju


Under the adverse background of global chip shortage in 2021, Slkor’s Growth cannot separate away from common efforts of Slkor team. As pointed out by chief inspector He Junju, “To seize the opportunity, it is necessary to ensure product quality and good delivery, improve customer service, keep crisis consciousness and know our own problems fully.”


Summary Highlight of Sales Manager Huang Baoling


Just as said in Manager Huang’s summary, “Only through becoming stronger, could we succeed in fierce business competition. Slkor did very good in recent years and has successfully led in the industry. With years of experience accumulation and development, we have become a true industry giant under the leadership of general manager Song Shiqiang.”

Summary Highlight of Administration Clerk Kang Di


Slkor changed a lot in 2021: Team was constantly expanded and office environment was continuously improved. All members of Slkor(www.slkormicro.com) were highly self-motivated, passionate for work and practical and diligent; they performed duties carefully, finished work excellently and made contributions to development of Slkor and its team. Slkor set up a flagship store in Huaqiang North Commercial Area this year, to serve business customers in Huaqiang North better, open market of Huaqiang North and generalize “Slkor” brand in the market. 


Summary Highlight of Sales Manager Lai Jiren


Chinese semiconductor market gap is very great, but it is the key for enterprise development that how many benefits could be obtained from such market. In 2021, by seizing the favorable market factor, Slkor adjusted strategy in advance according to market condition,to respond to market changesactively. As said by Manager Lai, “We shall avoid getting stuck in the long-term price competition”; otherwise, we mut get impaired.


Slkor’s high-end products, including SiC diode, SiC MOS tube and IGBT, could be widely found in such fields as NEV, communications equipment, power equipment, solar PV, UPS and medical equipment, and civilian-grade consumer products, including SCR (silicon controlled rectifier), bridge rectifier, high, medium and low-voltage MOS tubes, Hall sensor, high-speed optocoupler, Schottky diode, electrostatic protection ESD diode, TVS (transient voltage suppressor) diode, universal diode, triode and power management chip IC, are widely applied to the industries such as intelligent mobile, portable computer, intelligent robot, intelligent home appliance, LED lighting and 3D digital product. All those made us obtain favorable market benefits and realizequarterly performance growth amplitudemore than 30% in the tough market environment. 


Summary Highlight of Business Assistant Liang Xiaolan


Summary Highlight of Assistant Lin from Supply Chain


As the saying goes, “whatever we do, proper preparations should be made in advance to ensure success.” Logistics is of great significance to success of an enterprise. It is just owing to the long-term supply chain system and delivery time guarantee to customer that Slkor could have its customers continuously increased and realize performance growth. 

Summary Highlight of Sales Manager Luo Yanping


Summary Highlight of Promotion SEO Huang Dejun


In accordance with the code of conduct of “integrity”, “progress”, “toughness” and “detail”, Slkor, under the leadership of various leaders, wassimple and sincere; kept improving and worked with perseverance; pay attention to details and obtained satisfactory results.


In 2021, we worked passionately and prepared strict demands on ourselves; treated work carefully and always held the attitudes of “modesty”, “prudence” and “self-discipline”. Under leaders’ concern and guidance andcolleagues’ support and help, we studied hard, kept forging ahead, improved ourselves constantly, completed all kinds of work carefully and performed post responsibilities in good faith. We will gain both fame and wealth under the leadership of general manager Song Shiqiang.

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