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Kinghelm High-precision Antenna Sells Well

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                    Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd.(www.BDS666.com) has been working diligently in Beidou antenna connector since it entered Beidou industry. The accumulation of common application technologies such as microwave and radio frequency, the technical development and customer service team of Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd., the provision of relevant production and testing instruments and equipment, the precipitation of BDS Beidou GPS antenna knowledge project, and the research and development of new products such as Beidou GPS antenna connector have been continuously invested.



Kinghelm Beidou antenna laboratory



                         "Kinghelm”B3 frequency point special for Beidou (1268.52 ± 10.23MHz) series of high-precision  antennas, including missile-borne antennas, high-precision RTK antennas, special unmanned aerial vehicles, motor vehicle driver's examination antennas, modern agricultural high-precision geographic mapping antennas and other products developed and produced by Kinghelm.  At present, the antenna market share is far ahead in the industry.


                          With the successful networking of China Beidou-3 satellite and the more mature functional debugging of Beidou BDS system, the application of Beidou BDS has become more and more extensive, and the sales of Beidou antenna connector of Kinghelm has also been greatly increased. Kinghelm grasped the general trend of the development of the times, developed together with the strength of the country, and grew with the development of Beidou industry. The antenna connector series products by Kinghelm are also sold well, which brings good benefits to Kinghelm.



  Kinghelm customized antenna for customers


                            The technical team of Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd. is a radio frequency engineer with many years of experience in antenna design and debugging, and several technical backbones have the working experience of technical executives of Fortune 500 companies. Kinghelm Laboratory is equipped with many latest Agilent 6g network analysis instruments, microwave far-field darkroom and other equipment, salt spray tester, plug tester and so on.




                           In the process of serving customers for many years, the key customer team of Kinghelm groped and summed up the organization and management experience such as closed-loop information, dedicated attention to everything, strict and meticulous management of the project process, deep details of technical nodes, small circulation of the process with big circulation, resumption of work afterwards, and good style of fighting hard battles and winning battles.



Kinghelm customized four-wall spiral high-frequency plate antenna for customers


                              Kinghelm is a special customized Beidou antenna connector and other products for big customers. It is very mature in terms of delivery, quality management, technical optimization, batch product consistency, business services, etc., as well as coordination and cooperation with other branch units and the whole missile body unit. Kinghelm Customer Team is a team with excellent equipment, strong support, tenacious style and ability to win the battle.



Kinghelm customized dual-frequency point ceramic antenna for customers


                               In the technical aspects, in order to meet the technical requirements of special customized products, the Kinghelm team made the Beidou non-standard ceramic chips, designed the low-noise pcba board, adjusted the antenna gain parameters during active and passive debugging, nickel plated the non-standard connector and achieved the 96-hour salt spray test, and debugged the data at low elevation angle, etc., the colleagues of Kinghelm kept improving. General Manager Song Shiqiang personally conducts 24 hours uninterrupted full follow-up. In the machining, glue filling, assembly, testing and other links, Song Shiqiang, General Manager, asked the major client team of Kinghelm to follow up the whole process, and the upstream and downstream related to the supply chain should be well connected.


Kinghelm customized antenna for customers


                            Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd. (www.bds666.com) sincerely hopes that Beidou industry peers and the end user customers of Beidou antenna cable products will cooperate more, give Shenzhen Kinghelm Electronics Co., Ltd. more opportunities to serve, and let the antenna connector products of Kinghelm brand make positive contributions to the development of Beidou in China.


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