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Hot Sales of Slkor’s Power Devices Both at Home and Abroad

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With a fast development speed in recent years, Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. (www.slkormicro.com) has become a famous brand for domestication in power device industry. It obtains more and more customers and has sold its products both at home and abroad. With technologies from Busan, Korea, Slkor, under the leadership of general manager Song Shiqiang, it has realized domestication of the key links from design IP to wafertape-out, package test and sales after multiple years of development of “Slkor” brand and product. With a strong focus on quality control, Slkor is widely recognized by customers both at home and abroad in terms of product quality and has domestic and foreign product sales doubled compared with that of last year. 


Sacco Micro Semiconductor SLKOR 

Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd.


For semiconductor industry, challenges and opportunities coexisted in 2021. Chips were badly short in this year’s semiconductor industry underUS sanction against China, and various electronic product manufacturers purchased chips in large scale,a good opportunity for semiconductor industry. Risk is always followed by opportunity: Sales declined a lot with saturation of material of electronic product manufacturer. It should be subscribed to the long-term vision of Slkor’s general manager Song Shiqiang and deputy general manager Zheng Zhangbiao that Slkor could still develop under such a dramatic market fluctuation. As an old saying goes, “Born in distress, died in peace”. In the panic purchase, we were not confined to the immediate benefits but made decisions with a long-term vision, and thus kept our sales steady even after the panic purchase died away.


Slkor’s steady sales couldn’t separate away from quality and product diversification of the company. Slkor has developed over a dozen of product series.


I. Voltage Regulator Diode

Slkor voltage regulator diode (also called Zener diode) is mainly applied to surge protection, TV overvoltage protection, arc suppression and serial voltage regulation circuit and could be widely found in such fields as relay, TV, industrial high-power electromagnetic suction control circuit. Representative products: ZMM5V1 LL-34,ZMM3V3 LL-34,ZMM4V7 LL-34,ZMM15 LL-34,ZMM12 LL-34, ZMM10 LL-34,ZMM5V6 LL-34,BZT52C15 SOD-123,BZT52C3V3 SOD-123,BZT52C5V1 SOD-123 and BZT52C5V6 SOD-123. 

Sacco Micro SLKOR Zener Diodes 

Slkor’s Voltage Regulator Diode

Where voltage regulator diode is reversely connected, reverse current will be very small and appearing dynamic resistance will be extremely large when reserve current is smaller than breakdown voltage. In general, the bigger the working current is, the smaller the dynamic resistance will be and the better voltage regulation performance will be. When reserve current is bigger than breakdown voltage, current passing through diode will be dramatically increased, but voltage at the both ends keeps unchangeable basically. This can be used to regulate voltage.


II. SchottkyDiode

Schottky diode is one hot product among Slkor series of products and sales proportion was ever more than 30%. As one of Slkor’s leading products, it is mainly applicable to the occasions such as frequency converter, module power supply and drive circuit. Representative products: SS34 SMA,SS36 SMA,SS54 SMA,SS310 SMA,SS14 SMA,SS16 SMA,SS56 SMA,SS26 SMA,SS24 SMA,SS210 SMA,BAT54C SOT-23,B5819WS SOD-323,SD103AWS SOD-323,BAT54A SOT-23and BAT54S SOT-23.


Sacco Micro SLKOR Schottky Diodes 

Slkor’s Schottky Diode


Schottky diode barrier height is lower than that of PN junction and positive conducting threshold voltage and positive pressure drop are also lower than those of PN junction. Schottky diode is a kind of majority carrier conductive devices without minority carrierlife time and reserve recovery problems. Reverse recovery time of Schottky diode is just the charging and discharging time of Schottky barrier capacitance, which is completely different from reserve recovery time of PN junction. In consideration of low reserve recovery load, Schottky diode with very fast switching speed and low switching loss is particularly suitable for high-frequency application.


III. MOS Tube (Field EffectTube)

MOS tune is mainly applicable to the consumer and automobile electronic products, such as switch power supply, UPS (uninterruptible power supply),power adapter and floor mopping robot. Representative products: BSS138 SOT-23,2N7002 SOT-23,2N7002E SOT-23,SL2310 SOT-23,SL2301S SOT-23,SL2302S SOT-23,SL3401S SOT-23 and BSS123 SOT-23. 

SLKOR micro MOS tube (field effect transistor) 

Slkor’s MOS FET (Field Effect Tube)


Field effect tube (MOS tube) is a unipolar semiconductor device for controlling current through electric field effect. There is no current or current is very small at the input end. With characteristics of high input impedance, low noise, good thermal stability and simple manufacturing process, it is applied in large scale and ultra-large scale integrated circuits.


IV. TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressor) Diode

Slkors TVS diode is mainly applicable to the electronic product fields such as USB interface, HDMI interface, floor mopping robot and portable electronic equipment. Representative products: SMBJ6.5CA SMB,SMBJ36CA SMB,SMBJ5.0A SMB,SMBJ12CA SMB,SMBJ26CA SMB,SMAJ30CA SMA,SMAJ24CA SMAand SMAJ5.0A SMA. 


Slkor’s TVS(Transient Voltage Suppressor) Diode


TVS diode is parallel connected with the circuit to be protected. When voltage exceeds the sudden collapse alignment position, it will shunt excess current. TVS diode is a clamper and can suppress the overvoltage exceeding the sudden collapse voltage. TVS diode will reset automatically after overvoltage disappears, and the absorbed energy is much larger than that of similar rated crowbar circuit.


TVS diode is divided into one-way and two-way types. One-way TVS diode is similar to commutator in case of consequent operation, but instantaneous power of1.5KE series can reach 1,500 W when design is able to withstand a very large peak current.


V.ESD Anti-static Diode

Slkor’s ESD anti-static diode is widely applicable to the electronic product fields such as USB interface, HDMI interface, floor mopping robot, GPS system and portable electronic equipment. Main products: SLPESD0402M05 0402, SLPESD0402M16 0402and SLPESD0603-24 0603. 

SLKOR Micro ESD Anti-Static Diodes 

Slkor’s ESD Anti-static Diode


ESD (full name: electro-static discharge) refers to the charge transfer when objects with different electrostatic potentials approach to each other or contact directly. Simply speaking, it is the phenomenon forming a charge transfer process when electric charge moves instantaneously from one object to another, i.e. electro-static discharge means the electrostatic charge transfer between objects or surfaces with different electrostatic potentials (potential difference, PD). It's conventionally called “electrostatic discharge immunity test” in EMC field. See international standard IEC-61000-4-2/GBT 17626.2 for details. It is divided into contact discharge and electromagnetic field breakdown dielectric discharge. ESD anti-static diode could protect circuit effectively and keep electronic devices away from electrostatic damage.


VI. Hall Switch Sensor

There is a Hall semiconductor waferinmagnetic field, and constantcurrent passes through this wafer from A to B. Under the effect of Lorentz force, electron stream of I skews towards one side in Hall semiconductor, and thus this wafer has potential difference (PD) in CD direction. It is the so-called Hall voltage. 


Sacco Micro SLKOR Hall Elements 

Slkor’s Hall Component


Hall voltage varies with change of magnetic field intensity. The stronger the magnetic field is, the higher the voltage will be; the weaker the magnetic field is, the lower the voltage will be. Hall voltage value is very low (usually a few millivolts), but the voltage, by amplifier in integrated circuit, will be increased to the value able to output strong signal. It is necessary to change magnetic induction intensity with mechanical method if wanting to make Hall integrated circuit play a role of sensor.


Slkor Hall switch sensor (HALL) is mainly applicable to such fields as switch power supply, electric tool and home appliance. Representative products: SL1613SH SOT-23, SL1623SH SOT-23, SL1603SL SOT-23, SL1619SH TO-92S, SL1609SL TO-92S, SL1629SH TO-92S, SL1615SH SOT-553and SL1625SH SOT-553.



VII. SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier)


Slkors SCR (silicon controlled rectifier) is mainly applicable to the fields such as industry, traffic and home appliance. Main representative products: BTA16-800B TO-220, BTA41-800B TO-3P, BT136S-800E TO-252, BTA12-600B TO-220, BTA24-800B TO-220, BT169D TO-92, MAC97A8 TO-92, BT131-800 TO-92and MCR100-8 TO-92.


Sacco Micro SLKOR SCR 

Slkor’s SCR (Silicon Controlled Rectifier)


Silicon controlled rectifier, abbreviated as SCR, is a kind of high-power electrical component, which is also called thyristor. It is featured by the advantages such as small volume, high efficiency and long service life. It can be used as high-power drive device in automatic control system, to realize the purpose of controlling high-power equipment with low-power control part. The product is widely applied in AC/DC motor speed control system, power regulation system and servo system.


SCR is divided into one-way and two-way types. In particular, two-way SCR is also called three-end two-way silicon controlled rectifier, abbreviated as TRIAC. Two-way SCR is equivalent to the reserve connection of two one-way SCRs in terms of structure and has two-way conducting function. The connection/ disconnection is decided by electrode G. It can realize positive (or reserve) conducting after adding positive (or negative) pulse to control electrode G. In light of the advantages of simple control circuit and no reserve withstand voltage problem, the device is particularly suitable to be used as AC contactless switch.



VIII. Switching Diode


Switching diode is mainly applicable to the consumer electronic product field (e.g. 3C digital and power supply equipment). Representative products: RS1M SMA, 1N4148W SOD-123, BAV21W SOD-123, LL4148 LL-34, BAV99 SOT-23and MMBD4148 SOT-23.


Sacco Micro SLKOR Switching Diodes 

Slkor’s Switching Diode


For switching diode, time from cut-off (high impedance state) to conduction (low impedance state) is called turn-on time and time from conduction to cut-off is called reserve recovery time. Sum of the two kinds of time will be switching time. Since reserve recovery time is longer than turn-on time, and just reserve recovery time is specified in use parameters of switching diode. Working speed of switching diode is quite fast. For example, reserve recovery time of silicon switching diode is several nanoseconds and that number is just hundreds of nanoseconds even if it is germanium switching diode.


Featured by fast working speed, small volume, long service life and high reliability, switching diode could be widely found in switch circuit, detecting circuit, high-frequency and pulse rectifier circuit and automatic control.



IX. Universal Diode


Universal diode is one of relatively popular products of Slkor and mainly applicable to consumer electronic products. Representative products: M7 SMA,A7 SOD-123FL,M1 SMA, M4 SMAand 1SS181 SOT-23.


Sacco Micro SLKOR General Purpose Diodes 

Slkor’s Universal Diode


Diode is a kind of electronic component with two electrodes and current could pass through it just from one direction. The application mostly lies in its function of rectification, while variable capacitance diode is used as an electronic adjustable capacitor. Most of diodes have current directionality, called “rectification” function. The most common function of diode is that it allows current to pass through from the identical direction, which is called forward bias voltage; it will be blocked when reversely, which is called reverse bias voltage.



X. Triode


Triode could be widely found in multiple fields such as switch power supply, charging pile and inverter. Representative products of Slkor triode: SS8050 SOT-23, S8050 SOT-23, SS8550 SOT-23, S8550 SOT-23, S9013 SOT-23, S9014 SOT-23, S9015 SOT-23, MMBT5551 SOT-23, MMBT5401 SOT-23, SL3904 SOT-23, SL3906 SOT-23, BCP56-16 SOT-223and B772 SOT-89. 

Sacco Micro SLKOR Transistor 

Slkor’s Triode


Triode (full name: semiconductor triode, also called bipolar transistor and triode transistor) is a kind of semiconductor device for current control. Aimed to amplify weak signal to electric signal with large amplitude value, it is also used as contactless switch.  


As one of basic components of semiconductor, triode has function of current amplification and is the core element of electronic circuit. Triode means making two very near PN junctions on a semiconductor substrate, which divides semiconductor into three parts: Middle part is base region and parts at two sides are emitting region and collecting region. Two arrangement modes (PNP and NPN) are available for choice.



XI. LDO (Low Dropout Regulator)

Slkor’s LDO product also has very large demand in market. Representative products: AMS1117-3.3 SOT-223, AMS1117-3.3 SOT-89, AMS1117-5.0 SOT-223, AMS1117-5.0 SOT-89, AMS1117-ADJ SOT-223, LM317 TO-220, SL78L05 SOT-89and SL78L12 SOT-89. It is mainly applicable to the fields such as consumer electronic product. 


SLKOR Sarko Micro LDO Linear Regulators 

Slkor’s LDO (Low Dropout Regulator)


LDO is a kind of low dropout regulator compared with traditional linear voltage regulator. For traditional linear voltage regulator (e.g. 78XX series chip), input voltage should be at least 2V~3V higher than output voltage otherwise, it will not operate normally. But the condition is evidently too demanding in some circumstances. For example, suppose 5V is converted into 3.3V, pressure of input voltage and output voltage is 1.7V only, and it cannot meet working condition of traditional linear voltage regulator obviously. To solve the difficulty, chip manufacturers develop LDOvoltage conversion chip recently.



XII. PowerSupply ICandDarlington Tube

Slkors power supply IC and Darlington tube are mainly applicable to the fields such as charging pile, switch power supply, power supply equipment and home appliance. Representative products: MC34063S SOP-8, SL494CNS SOP-16, TL431 SOT-23, ULN2803AS SOP-18and ULN2003AU SOP-16. 


Sako Micro SLKOR power management chip 

Slkor’s Power Management Chip


Power supply IC means the pulse width control integration of switch power supply, which is used to regulate output voltage current of power supply and make sure it is steady. Power supply IC plays a more and more significant role with development of electronic technology, particularly for the current situation that portable product prevails and energy saving and environmental protection are advocated. Power supply IC doesn’t integrate voltage stabilizer and DC/DC converter only just as before but contains multiple contents, such as DC/DC, LDO (low dropout regulator), battery charge and discharge management, PWM controller, Reset, PFC (power factor correction), energy saving control and power MOSFET.



Sacco Micro SLKOR Darlington Tube 

Slkor’s Darlington Tube


Darlington tube means connecting two triodes together, with polarity subject to the front triode. The connection method is shown below: Taking the two triodes with the same polarity for instance, collecting electrode of from triode is followed by collecting electrode of rear triode and emitting electrode of front triode is followed by base electrode of rear triode. Power of front triode is generally lower than that of rear triode. Base electrode of front triode is Darlington tube base electrode and emitting electrode of rear triode is Darlington tube emitting electrode; use method is the same as that of triode and enlargement factor is the product of enlargement factors of the two triodes. It is mostly applicable to the fields such as high-power switch circuit, motor speed control, inverter circuit and miniature drive relay.


Above are Slkor’s series products. Slkor not only realizes sales doubled in domestic semiconductor industry but also has business cooperation in multiple overseas countries and regions such as Netherlands, Korea and Singapore. Shenzhen SlkorMicro Semicon Co., Ltd. (www.slkormicro.com) has become a famous domestication brand in domestic semiconductor industry with good reputation in the industry. With several years of efforts of general manger Song Shiqiang and Slkor team, it has realized domestication in the key links of component products, such as IP design, wafer tape-out, package test and sales service and could provide “China chip” product truly, to strive to get through chip monopoly of European and American countries over China.


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